Ghostbusters and pizza. Need we say more?

Now you can bring your geek obsessions into the most domestic realms of your home! Take a look at this fantastic, Ghostbusters-inspired Slimer pizza cutter. The ectoplasmic ghost is not just a ghastly spectre — he’s a pizza fiend, too! His gargantuan appetite is the stuff(ed crust) of legend, and so it’s pretty fitting that he’s here and ready to help you wolf down a few slices of your own.

This utensil shows Slimer digging in to a supremely cheesy pie, and it comes with a removable blade for easy cleaning. Who you gonna call . . . when your pizza needs cutting? Pick up this slice-dicing wheel today.

Om nom nom.

Om nom nom.

Ghostbusters II: Complete Action Figure Box Set!

If you’re a Ghostbusters II fan who just wants to get down to brass tacks when it comes to action figures, look no further than the above box set!

Winston, Egon, Ray and Peter look awesome as 6-inch figures and they come packed with fan-favourite Slimer, who unexpectedly stole the show in both films and went on to have a surprisingly successful career for a character who didn’t actually have an official name for a long time. Fans of the franchise will want to pick this one up as it’s the most complete set of GBII figures you can get and each one makes a great addition to your toy shelf.

Meanwhile, from MusicRooms, Dan Aykroyd speaks on the possibility of a third entry!

Dan revealed that any chance of a third movie in the series hitting cinemas is dependent on Bill, although a script has been made available by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupitsky, who also wrote hit television show The American Office.

While a script has been penned, Sony Pictures Entertainment insists that 60-year-old Bill must return as Doctor Peter Venkman before the movie is given the green light. However, the notoriously reclusive Bill stated recently that he hasn’t yet read any script for the long-rumoured third installment of the successful series.

But 58-year-old Dan, who portrayed Doctor Raymond Stantz in the first two movies – released in 1984 and 1989 respectively – has reiterated his commitment to Ghostbusters 3, saying that “we hope to make the movie with Bill Murray – that’s where we’re standing”.

The Blues Brothers star also said that any third film will showcase a new group of Ghostbusters, suggesting that “there’s a great story to be told” as he believes the “promise of the new movie is handing the torch over” because the original Ghostbusters – Raymond, Peter, Winston Zeddemore and Doctor Egon Spengler – “are a little taxed physically now” and they “can’t be frontline operators any more”.

Many movie insiders have suggested that established comic actors such Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen would be perfect for the new Ghostbusters team.

GHOSTBUSTERS: The Slime Blowers Box Set

The Ghostbusters Slime Blowers Box Set is shipping out this month and you can pre-order it to make sure you’re one of the first Ghostbusters fans to get your hands on it!

“Featuring Ghostbusters II versions of Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler, complete with proton packs, this set also includes “Slime Blower” equipped versions of Ray Stanz and Winston Zeddemore! Each Minimate stands 2″ tall and has 14 points of articulation.”

14 points is a pretty decent amount of articulation, but when you think about the size of these little guys and compare it, it’s all the more impressive. Definitely snag ’em if you’re a fan or check out the rest of the Ghostbusters collection for more!


We’ve recently gotten a few new Ghostbusters figures in stock, plus a bunch set up for pre-orders! They can all be seen in our GHOSTBUSTERS section

From Slimer to Venkman, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to Walter Peck, we’ve got a ton of the 6-inch figures, collectible statues and banks that fans of the film franchise will be absolutely sure to love. They’ll be extra helpful in bridging the gap between now and the arrival of the inevitable-yet-endlessly-far-away Ghostbusters III, slated for 2012.

But one of the most anticipated items and probably one of the awesomest is for those who don’t just want to collect toys of the Ghostbusters, but play one themselves. Check it out!

The Mattel Replica PKE Meter is a hand-held ghost-seeker you can use to find all the phantoms lurking around your own home. With extending ‘wings’, flashing lights and movie-accurate sounds, it’ll make you feel like you just joined the group! This pre-order ships in January 2011, eons before the film hits theatres. 😉

For a preview, here’s a video of the Meter in action!

New from Ghostbusters: The Slimer Bank

This is one ugly bank. But really, for dedicated Ghostbusters fans, it’s a hand-painted beauty to behold. Sculpted by Rudy Garcia, he stands at over 11 inches tall and comes unpackaged from the folks at Diamond. A fan-favourite, Slimer’s unending appetite will probably never be sated, but give him your pocket change and we’ll see how it goes.

This item is currently in-stock and ready to be sent off to a loving home with someone who enjoys…well, startlingly ugly banks.

Ghostbusters’ SLIMER from Solid Thought

I tend to think that I’m relatively well-versed in the action figure industry as it is today, knowing most of the companies, their licenses and styles, and being generally aware of the big players thanks to having worked here at CmdStore for a few years now. But the Solid Thought Corporation was admittedly a new one to me.

On the plus side, they seem to be new to everybody. Emmy award-winning Steve Johnson, an effects artist and a wizard of sculpting and crafting joined forces with Paul Francis, the creator of a number of brilliant collectibles to form Solid Thought and though it doesn’t have a great deal of merch yet, you can be sure this is a partnership that’s going to create some incredible stuff.

For now, though, our Solid Thought item is this new 10.5-inch statue of Ghostbusters’ Slimer.

It looks great. Translucent and accompanied by the familiar logo, Slimer’s an impressive, gravity-defying figure fans won’t want to miss. Plus, the aforementioned Steve Johnson? Well, he’s the original designer of the creepy green ghost and he personally created these exclusive figures in celebration of Atari’s release of the Ghostbuster game. Now available at CmdStore. Take a look!.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man 10-Inch Figure & Bank

Okay, seriously. Look at this sweet bank.

Standing 10 inches tall, with each inch more awesome than the last, we just got in a shipment of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man banks that double as pretty decent figures. Ghostbusters’ gleeful behemoth comes direct from Diamond Distribution and makes a great addition to the toyshelf of any Ghostbusters fan–or maybe just anyone with nowhere to keep their spare change.

With all the excitement over the Ghostbusters video games and the potential for a third installment (it could still happen…maybe?), it seems that Ghostbusters figures and toys are making a necessary comeback and for the die-hards, that’s great news. We’ve got a bunch of new items in the Ghostbusters section of CmdStore, so be sure to check those out if you get the chance. If only to get your hands on something as awesome as that bank or maybe just this: