Masters of the Universe Ninja Warrior sneak-attacks!

Fewer beings are more stealth than the Ninja Warrior. He’s so mysterious that his real name is unknown, as he floats in a sinister fashion through the world as we know it. He’s Skeletor’s right hand with his swift and nimble nunchuck skills, summoned from an otherworldly place by a spell of light to fill the hallowed, dreadful role. Tasked with the systematic elimination of the Heroic Warriors with the goal of dismantling He-Man’s army, he wants nothing more than to render Eternia defenseless. But the dastardly double agent “Ninjor” secretly reports back to his true master, Horde Prime, to figure out ways to exploit Skeletor’s weaknesses.

How can one Ninja Warrior be so villainous?! This six-inch figure comes masked with an alternate unmasked ponytail head, alternate belt, nunchucks, samurai sword, bow and quiver of arrows to aim at any threats. Stay out of his way, or face him head-on… if you dare.

P.S. We’ve got the Snake Armor He-Man & Battle Armor King Hsss two-pack, too!

"I'm not a killer, I nunchuck a lot."

“I’m not a killer, I nunchuck a lot.”

Masters of the Universe adds Lizard Man to its roster

Are you ready to own one of the most underground, rare members of Club Eternia? Lizard Man is a reptilian humanoid (phew, that’s a mouthful!) who defends Eternia against any and all forces of evil that may encroach upon it. He is one of MOTU’s more obscure and mysterious characters, as he appeared in only three episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He’s known for his unique affiliation with a species different from the one he was born into (i.e. the ruthless Snake Men).

But despite the fact that his questionable genealogy might have aroused the suspicions of those around him, he is as kind and gentle as they come. Devoted to the Masters of the Universe, he is a total asset with his fighting prowess, balance, and agility. When he shows how courageous he is while battling Skeletor’s goons and helping rescue the Sorceress, one can’t help but feel warm fuzzes for this cold-blooded dude. Add this six-inch figure to your MOTU collection — it can’t be complete without Lizard Man!

He's known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.

He’s known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.

Together At Last: DC versus MOTU

Two follow-ups to Lex Luthor’s face-off against Skeletor have now arrived in our DC 2-Pack collection! No longer a battle between Evil and “Just as evil”, we’ve reached another level of awesome with some new faces:

AQUAMAN VERSUS MER-MAN wage a battle beneath the waves. This whole collection just screams “fan-service” and yet it does so in the greatest possible way, satisfying all the geeks who have ever wanted to play out a round of “Who would win in a fight?” between the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe. Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and comes ready with a signature weapon!

If you want to take the war to the skies, of course, that option is also available in the HAWKMAN vs. STRATOS set!

KING GRAYSKULL Redeco from Masters of the Universe

KING GRAYSKULL has just arrived in our He-Man and the Masters of the Universe section!

From the Wiki:

In the 2002 remake of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, it is revealed that Castle Grayskull was once home to King Grayskull, an ancestor of Prince Adam & Princess Adora. He appears in the episode, “The Power of Grayskull”, waging battle and ultimately defeating the Snake Men led by King Hiss but lost his sword in battle. He hoped it to be sign that it signified true peace for Eternia. However, Hiss’ rival Hordak, who had defeated the Snake Men, was planning on conquering Eternia. Therefore, Grayskull went on a quest to find the power he needed to defend his kingdom. At the top of a mountain, he met the oracle who guided him on his quest, showing him his lost sword and explaining that his entire quest was to show his inner strength. Before leaving however, the Oracle informed him that he would not survive the battle. Despite knowing this, King Grayskull vowed to do whatever it took to save Eternia. He then returned to face Hordak.

Though outnumbered, Grayskull managed to channel his mystical energies through his sword, turning Hordak’s spell on himself and his army, sending them to the dark dimension called Despondos. Despite this victory however, the Oracle’s prophecy came to pass, for Hordak, whose spirit was ripped from his body, managed to mortally wound Grayskull. As he lay dying, he proclaimed that his successor will wield his sword to defend Eternia. During his lifetime, King Grayskull ruled with wisdom and compassion

We’ve also just gotten in a 6-inch scale weapons pack! Check it out here:


I won’t pretend to know anything about Masters of the Universe. I know it was a beloved show and I know that it’s experiencing something of a renaissance at the moment, but when the show itself aired, I was too young to really watch or appreciate it. Nevertheless, I do take note when new stuff arrives and I too can at least understand the appeal of what seems to be a show about monsters, giant wildcats and guys and girls in awesome armor. Plus, it had Skeletor. And even I know about him.

Still, what I’m really here to announce is our latest figure, GYGOR, an over-sized rendering of the character standing 10 inches tall and packed with armour and weaponry. He’s a big, scary gorilla and that’s something we can all get behind. I’ll let Mattel handle a real description…

Long-awaited Gygor™ is a loyal member of Skeletor’s army who lives to unleash his sizeable simian skills against those that stand for good. Designed by the Four Horsemen, this fully articulated, large-scale beast (he stands nearly 10” tall!) is based on a prototype figure from the vintage days that was never produced. In his first-ever offering, Gygor™ arrives with awesome armor and a battle axe.

Shortly after the Great Unrest, Keldor™ was driven behind the Mystic Wall and Gygor™, Lord of the Vine Jungle, led an army of beast men in a series of raids against the long forgotten Castle Grayskull®, believing the many tales of its great and mysterious power. It was only through the combined powers of Oo-larr™ — the jungle He-Man® — and The Goddess that Gygor™ was defeated and placed in a state of suspended animation. Eventually, Hordak® returned to Eternia® and the savage gorilla was freed by Evil-Lyn® in her attempt to bolster Skeletor’s forces against the new Horde army. Gygor™ uses his great strength to fight the Heroic Warriors.


The new Aquaman vs. Black Manta 2-pack is another classic DC Universe rivalry captured for the company’s 2-pck collection. The sea’s greatest defender faces off against his greatest enemy and the pair are rendered brilliantly as 6-inch figures bearing their signature weapons and clad in their classic costumes. Any fan of the Justice League, Aquaman, Black Manta or, really, just some well-made figures, should definitely check this one out. It’s a great new addition and it’s nice to see these versions of what are, really, two frequently underused characters.

But that’s not the only new 2-pack worthy of note! No, far from it. Because we’ve got a great pair that brings together two supervillains from different worlds, facing off in what might be the most epic battle to span the universes! Ready? Because here it is!

An exclusive 2-pack sees Skeletor and Lex Luthor, together at last as 6-inch figures. Packaged with a full-length comic, this is a chance to join fandoms in a way that we’re all too thrilled to see! Check it out!