The Sims 3 Cruises into “The Fast Lane”

Every couple months seems to bring even more good news for fans of The Sims with expansion packs and new releases (like the upcoming DS version). Next up, players can expect a new expansion that’s a little bit James Bond and a little bit Pimp My Ride. Here’s the word from The Tech Journal

The Fast Lane offering for Sims 3 is looked upon as the first stuff pack to focus on vehicles as well as the fast-lane lifestyle. There are four different lifestyle options such as rockabilly, racing, classic luxury and intrigue. The category features trendy and unique items for the Sims such as vehicles, home furnishings and the latest trendy fashions.

Players can also create an ultimate garage for hoarding all their stunning vehicles like motorcycles or professional racing cars. Through this pack further customization is offered with neon wall signs, workbenches, tool boxes and sponsor-laden racing jumpsuit. The forthcoming exciting pack will surely appeal to gamers who are car enthusiasts as well.

The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff pack can now be pre-ordered and will release this autumn. The company hasn’t yet disclosed the exact availability and pricing details of the offering.

And if you’re looking to pre-order The Sims 3 Fast Lane, your hunt is at an end. Click the link below to visit EA Games and grab it, or pick up any of the other previously released packs–or, if you’re a newcomer, get the game itself!

Alice and Kev: The Final Chapter

If you follow this blog, you might remember back in June when I made a post about Alice and Kev, a pair of Sims in the Sims 3 who were designed as a homeless father and daughter and observed as they made their way through the world of the game, every action–no matter how subtle–recorded by Alice and Kev’s author.

Well, it’s been a while now and while I won’t spoil the ending, I’m sad to say that Alice and Kev is now finished. It’s an incredible story, especially given the source material, and is at once heart-breaking, uplifting and inspiring. Definitely worth a read.

Hosted right here on WordPress, the author is awesome enough to begin the page with a link to the first episode, which allows new fans to catch up at their own pace without seeing any spoilers. It may seem like a lot to read, but trust me. It’s well worth it.

And if you aren’t already playing the Sims 3, here are the Amazon links!

The Sims 3

The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 World Adventures Goes Underground

A follow-up to our last post announcing The Sims 3: World Adventures, here’s an artcle from Kotaku that tells use about a brand new addition that makes the expansion pack even better.

The Sims 3 expansion pack World Adventures brings with it a basement tool, which everyone will use to build tombs, and not underground Sim torture chambers.

The new basement tool allows The Sms 3 players to create underground structures up to four levels deep, and EA has plenty of new tomb objects in store in order to help facilitate the joy of exploration. Objects like the Fogger, which hides unexplored areas from the player’s view, or hidden stairways, which help facilitate secret passages. Other important objects include that old staple the floor switch, and traps that shoot fire, steam, electricity, or darts. This is going to be so much fun. Toss in a couple Saw-inspired face bear traps and I’ll be in heaven.

Check out the rather large list of tomb objects EA released today below, and start planning out your tomb so you can get building when the expansion arrives on November 17th.

And yes, I am already planning my underground Sim torture chamber, but don’t you dare judge me, or you’ll be right there with them.

Here is some of the dozens of Tomb Objects and Object Updates:

Tomb Object (Fogger): The tomb object is the cornerstone of tomb building and will often be placed in every room of the tomb. The Tomb Object is what creates the “fog” that hides non-explored rooms from the player. This lets you create a sense of discovery and suspense as your Sims explore new tombs. The “fog” will recede from a room when a player enters the room through a door, descends stairs into the room, enters a room that is connected to a fogged room with an arch, or if a Sim “Looks Through” a window that looks into a fogged room. Adding or Removing fog is also a potential Activated Behavior.

Floor Switch: The floor switch is a classic adventure game object. It is a small, 1 tile floor object on which Sims can stand or push statues. Stepping On and Off the switch are both Triggers that can connect to Activated behaviors. Floor Switches can also be set to Appear or Disappear.

Wall and Floor Trap: The traps are two different objects that can be placed on the wall or floor. These can be set to shoot fire, darts, steam, or electricity on unsuspecting Sims. They can have a variety of states, including hidden and dormant, armed and visible, hidden and armed, or hidden and firing. Each of these states can be activated by Sims walking over them or as an Activated Behavior. Traps can light Sims on fire or knock them out. However, there are multiple ways to handle traps. Sims can disarm them by tinkering with them, or push statues upon them to disarm. Water will disarm a fire trap, which makes a great puzzle element when paired with the steam trap…which creates water! Sims can walk with immunity through a fire trap when soaked. Experiment and come up with your own puzzles!

Dive Well: Dive Wells are one of the most exciting Tomb Objects. Sims can use them to become Soaked, which makes them immune to fire, or to put themselves out when already on fire. A Hidden Switch can be set at the bottom of dive wells as a Trigger. You can always place treasures at the bottom. Another fun element is that you can set the color of the water in the dive well, so fire tombs can have blood red water, whereas a tomb with a poison theme can have murky green water. Dive Wells are most fun when they are set up as portals. Dive Wells set as Portals will connect to each other. Sims will go to the bottom, and then emerge from the closest dive well on the same floor. It’s also possible to designate a Dive Well as an Uber Dive Well. Here, you designate a name so that you can define the precise point of origin and exit – even across multiple lots in the world. This lets you create one-of-a-kind entrances to island tombs and other inaccessible areas.

Treasure Chest: The biggest reason to explore anything is to find treasure at the end. Treasure Chests let you fill your tomb creations with various treasures, keys, garbage, or whatever you can imagine. Opening and Inserting a Keystone a treasure chest are also Triggers that can set Activated Behaviors.

Sarcophagus: The Sarcophagus can act as a large, ornate treasure chest, a place to hide, a place to sleep, and even a place to WooHoo. Most exciting, however, is its ability to spawn mummies. Mummies will patrol tombs in search of unsuspecting Sims to pummel and *gasp* curse! Mummies provide an element of danger and the unexpected to any tomb.

Torch Lever: The torch lever, like the Floor Switch, is an object for Sims to pull on to trigger Activated Behaviors. Some can be set to active, whereas others can be dummies, forcing players to carefully examine their surroundings. It’s possible to define the colors of the torch light, which allows Tomb Designers to provide hints and clues on how to complete puzzles. Or, to simply set the ambience of a tomb!

Pushable Statues: Pushable Statues are another classic adventure game element. They can be pushed on top of traps to disarm them, or cleverly pushed through a maze to unveil a formerly blocked path. Their most common use is to be paired with a floor switch. Floor Switch triggers can be set so that they activate something when a Sim is on them, but deactivate as soon as a Sim steps off of them. This means a Sim must push a statue on top of them in order to keep the floor switch depressed. Pushable Statues can be set to be secretly pushable (they require inspection), visibly pushable (no inspection needed), or not pushable at all.

Hidden Stairways: Stairways from The Sims 3 can be set to Hidden now. This is an Activated Behavior, so that a Trigger can now Hide or Unhide the stairs. Hidden Stairways are a great way to surprise players. Just when it seems there’s no way out, pulling a switch reveals a stairway!

You can get a copy of the Sims 3 and its expansion at!
EA Games’ The Sims 3
The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack

“Alice and Kev”: Being Homeless in the Sims 3

With the Sims 3, players have far more freedom when it comes to creatings interesting characters, be it mentally, emotionally or physically.  No longer are you forced to build a Sim based on only a few characteristics. Instead, you can create almost anything you want, from exciteable, lovelorn romantics to brooding, unpleasant loners.

Or, in the case of one UK blogger, a homeless  father-daughter  pair taking on the world of the Sims 3 with nary a helping hand. Created by Robin Burkinshaw, the Alice and Kev blog follows the everyday lives of two Sims living in an abandoned park without any money or easy opportunities. They rummage through trash to find food, beg other Sims for help and, recently, fall in love. Burkinshaw documents their misadventures with as little melodrama as he can, but nevertheless you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with this pair. Even those who don’t play the Sims 3 are sure to find the story touching, sad and altogether inspiring. It’s a surprise internet hit and, personally, I can’t wait to see where it all ends up! Check out the blog here or click the pic below! You’re almost sure to be hooked.

Also, in case you weren’t already aware of the Sims 3 channel on Youtube (check out our previous post for more info), the good news has come in that the Sims Channel is the most subscribed-to sponsored channel of ALL TIME, showing just how far the game has come. Check out the channel or watch a quick preview video here.

Record Sales for The Sims 3!

Previous posts about The Sims 3…

The Sims 3 online leak

Contests, behind-the-scenes and an iPhone/iPod Sims 3

Was the online leak a marketing gimmick?

Well, it looks like the folks at EA have nothing to worry about! Despite the leak allowing millions to illegally download a leaked version of the Sims 3, pirates weren’t able to make a dent in the massive success of the game. The company was still able to sell an absurdly huge number of copies and, given the prices of both it and its Special Edition counterpart, plus the $10 iPhone app, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a Sims 4 a couple years down the line.

For more info, here’s an article from

If the recession has you in the doldrums, you can always escape to the virtual world of Sims for comfort. And according to game maker Electronic Arts, many people are doing just that: Reportedly, video game “The Sims 3” was the largest launch of a PC game in the company’s history with 1.4 million copies sold in its first week at retail.

Who said people are cutting back discretionary spending? Although unemployment figures have climbed to more than 9 percent, gamers are finding the $49.99 (at Amazon) to spend on creating and nurturing lifelike or “Sim”ulated people with individual personalities and lives. “The Sims 3” introduces a “traits system” that lets players make truly unique characters: neurotic, compulsive, loners, etc. Players can also create and edit videos they make in the game.

In addition, the $10 downloadable iPhone and iPod Touch version of The Sims 3 had hit the No. 1 paid App Store spot in 37 countries worldwide since release, according to Electronic Arts. Overall, the Sims franchise has sold more than 100 million units worldwide since its debut in February 2000.

However, the road has not been completely paved with gold for Electronic Arts. Immediately after its June 2 launch, fans of The Sims 2 were vocal in their disappointment that certain features of the earlier version were missing, in particular the player’s ability to be God-like. No news yet on whether Electronic Arts will add more controls in future expansion packs.

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