Batzarro DC Universe Figure Club Infinite Earth

It’s opposite day in Gotham City… turn that frown upside down and you get the truly disturbing grin of Batzarro. The Joker created this evil version of Batman™ but no one will mistake this crazed criminal for the Caped Crusader. This sculpt by the Four Horsemen comes complete with eyeless cowl, all-new spiked cape, Batarang, and upside down utility belt!

Batzarro DC Universe Figure Club Infinite Earth

Elongated Man

Owner of one of the least imaginative names in the DCU, Elongated Man joins the DC Direct Signature Collection! It’s just good he makes up for what he’s called by being a pretty cool character.

He’s in-stock now, so be sure to grab him fast before he’s gone!

Phantom Stranger

The blinged out PHANTOM STRANGER joins the DC Universe line as part of the Signature Collection and he looks awesome doing it. If you’re a fan of the character or looking to fill out the whole Universe on your display shelf (and who isn’t?), grab this as soon as you can! He features awesome articulation and sculpting, so we promise you couldn’t make a better choice.

Infinite Crisis STARMAN

Please welcome STARMAN to the DC Universe Signature Collection roster!

He comes with an extra head, whose beard can only be described as “the burliest”, and stands about 6 inches tall. He’s part of the great Infinite Crisis collection from DC Direct and joins the likes of The Flash and Aquaman in this growing collection. If you haven’t already gotten a chance, you should definitely snag this guy now. He’s a character whose figures are few but whose legacy–to those who know him– is powerful.