Step into 221B with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

How many people can say they’ve got London’s only Consulting Detective on their side to help solve crimes? Now you can be one of them. Check out this Sherlock Sherlock Holmes, a figure imagination of the hit Masterpiece Theater show’s beloved protagonist. Underground Toys brings us this five-inch offering in awesome detail. Benedict Cumberbatch’s likeness is reproduced here with the utmost care.

This 21st-century update of the sleuth imagined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle includes character specific accessories such as Sherlock’s ever present mobile phone, his violin and of course, the skull! He comes packaged in a deluxe five panel box featuring a smart design based on the iconic door facade of Sherlock’s London residence, 221B Baker Street. Grab yours by clicking on the image below.


Martin Freeman Turns Down THE HOBBIT?

According to, actor Martin Freeman (THE OFFICE, LOVE ACTUALLY, SHERLOCK) was up for the part of Bilbo Baggins in the hotly-anticipated Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit, but unfortunately…

The actor turned down the role in the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book because he had already committed to 20 weeks filming the second series of BBC’s Sherlock, The Sun reports.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions of his career,” a source told the paper. “MGM, who are making the film, only got a formal offer over in the last couple of weeks.”

They continued: “It was too late for Martin because he had already signed up for another series of Sherlock. It was agonising but he had no other choice.

“All the actors had to read four pages of script to camera which is being shown to Peter Jackson.”

They added: “He is looking for a hidden gem now Martin has ruled himself out of the job.”

Freeman will return to his role as John Watson in the next three-part series of Sherlock.