Based on the art of Jelena Djurdjevic, this brand new SAVAGE SHE-HULK COMIQUETTE is an awesome new addition to the Sideshow/Marvel line–and potentially to your display shelf.

She-Hulk stands an impressive 20 inches high, a size that seems fitting for her character in a world where 12 inches seems to be the norm. Blazing red hair catching the wind, she’s as beautiful as she is powerful and any Marvel or She-Hulk fan should hurry up to snag one of these while they last!

Woman Woman and friends do a Breast Exam Demo

Article by: Erik Davis

In an effort to find new ways to warn women of the risks of breast cancer and to promote routine checks for early warning signs, deviantART artist Halfy took a somewhat unusual approach by creating these designs that show female superheroes examining their breasts for anything out of the ordinary. And while the boys in the audience were probably hoping for something a little juicier here (get your mind out of the gutter dudes!), this is definitely a serious topic that certainly needs unique advertisements like this to get the word out, especially to help educate the younger, geekier females who may be more inclined to pay attention to a campaign like this one.

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Sideshow’s SHE-HULK Comiquette and DARKCHILDE Bust

SHE-HULK is the first of two beautiful new offerings from Sideshow’s Marvel collection. She’s a whopping 20 inches tall and stands on a base of split concrete, brutal fists at the ready. The figure boasts the neat addition of real fabric clothing, to give just an extra touch of realism to an already impressively-designed and sculpted statue.

The second Marvel Sideshow figure is right here:

DARKCHILDE looks amazing in this 16-inch statue and even then, it’s one you really have to see to believe. While She-Hulk ships out in April, this femme fatale will be out in the third quarter of this year. Naturally, both can be pre-ordered now if you want to make absolutely sure you get your hands on them!

Who is She-Hulk?

She Hulk aka Jennifer Walters


Jennifer Walters, the meek and mousy lawyer cousin of Bruce Banner, was the daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters. Agents of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father, shot and seriously wounded her on a day when her cousin was in town. Bruce gave her a blood transfusion, as no other donors of her blood type were available; the radioactive blood mutated Jennifer as it had her cousin, transforming her into the She-Hulk.

Although Jennifer was at first savage while in her form as She-Hulk, she eventually gained the same intelligence she had as the normal Jennifer Walters. She quickly came to appreciate the confidence and assertiveness that had come with being She-Hulk. For a long time, she felt more comfortable in her form as She-Hulk than in her “normal” form as Jennifer. But she has gradually grown comfortable in both forms, and realized that she has much to offer the world in both her forms. After a brief solo career, she joined the Avengers and temporarily replaced the Thing in the Fantastic Four.

During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, the She-Hulk had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. This radiation exposure apparently mutated Jennifer to the point that she could not transform back into her original form. But this was an agreeable turn of events for her, since she preferred her She-Hulk form anyway. It was revealed much later that the “genetic block” was in fact purely psychological, shortly before a similar block locked her in non-Hulk form. That block proved to be temporary.

After the Fantastic Four , the She-Hulk rejoined the Avengers and joined the staff of District Attorney Blake Tower, where she met Louise “Weezi” Mason, formerly the Golden Age super heroine called the Blonde Phantom; during this period, she discovered that Mason had manipulated Towers into hiring She-Hulk so that Mason could again star in a comic book and thus avoid dying of old age. Mason’s husband, also a former comic book character, had passed away three years ago, but other, more popular characters from the era, such as Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner, were still around.

While doing some legal work for Heroes for Hire, she also went on a few adventures with them and spent some time dating Luke Cage. Later She-Hulk was a member of the short lived hero group the Fantastic Force.

Jennifer currently works as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division of the New York law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway. Now able to change forms at will again, Jennifer is rediscovering she sometimes has wildly different views and opinions in each form, where as the She-Hulk she has come out publically in favor of the recent Superhuman Registration Act, yet as Jennifer Walters she understands the views of those against the Act.

Brigitte Nielsen as She-HulkA very long time ago, there was going to be a She-Hulk movie. There are photos out there somewhere of Brigette Nelsen´╗┐ painted green like She-Hulk. They were going to use them to drum up interest in producers/investors. The project fell through. Personally, I think a well done She-Hulk movie would be a hit. I have read fan blogs on getting Megan Fox to play her (which would be horrible).


Also found a picture of a bodybuilder who could play the She-Hulk (don’t know who she is)….so what do you guys think??

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