DC Comics Icons series brings the incredible Shazam to life, statue-style

What would you do if you were chosen by a mystic wizard to be a rescuer for all humankind? When it happened to Billy, he stepped up to the plate and became the superhero Shazam. As he assumed the essence of he who knighted him, Billy was transformed into a being having the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury (S.H.A.Z.A.M.).

Now, you can make this powerful figure the new focal piece of your DC-themed collection! This 10-inch Shazam statue is sculpted in intricate detail by artist Adam Ross, totally fitting for the World’s Mightiest Mortal. As part of the DC Comics Icons series, Shazam is captured according to his look in The New 52. He has been released in a limited run of only 5,200, so don’t miss out on yours.

When I started ballin', I was young.

When I started ballin’, I was young.

Because pictures are fun! DC movies, 2016 ’til 2020

Where will you be in six years? Me, I’m a simple person — really, I’ll be happy if I can finally cook something other than ramen in 2020. But DC has far loftier goals than I, apparently. For all of you visual learners out there, here’s a graphic plan of DC movie titles for the next six 365-day carousels of humble human existence. Which will happen if the world doesn’t eventually succumb to a zombie-ebola apocalypse, that is.

Source: comicbookresources.com

Source: comicbookresources.com

The full list, according to Warner Bros. press releases:

  • Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder (2016)
  • Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer (2016)
  • Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot (2017)
  • Justice League Part One, directed by Zack Snyder, with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams reprising their roles (2017)
  • The Flash, starring Ezra Miller (2018)
  • Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa (2018)
  • Shazam (2019)
  • Justice League Part Two, directed by Zack Snyder (2019)
  • Cyborg, starring Ray Fisher (2020)
  • Green Lantern (2020)

Freddy Freeman DC Universe Classic 6 Inch Action Figure Club Infinite Earths

Freddy Freeman FigureTeen crime-fighter from the Rock of Eternity is ready to rock some serious power! Calling on Solomon (wisdom), Hercules (strength), Atlas (stamina), Zeus (power), Achilles (courage), and Mercury (speed), Freddy Freeman is a force to be reckoned with as Super Hero “Shazam!” This fully articulated figure joins Mary Batson and Billy Batson to complete your DCU Classics “Shazam!” family.  Measures about 6 inches.

Freddy Freemanbuy now


SHAZAM has never looked better, cutting a striking figure in red, white and gold and commanding the power of lightning. He’s part of the New 52 in a revamp we honestly didn’t expect, but we’re glad to have him along. The bust stands about 6 inches tall and is cast in Polystone. If you’re a fan of DC Comics and the amazing items of DC Direct, grab this guy now!

DC Universe Classics Series 6 BAF Kalibak Figure Assortment

DC Universe Classics Series 6

It took a while for Mattel to finally ship this Wave to us but it is here.   All our regular DC customers kept asking when we would get this series!  This DC Universe Classics Wave 6 set features:

Superman Black (Yes…I like him in black)
Superman Red & Blue (Not too crazy about this one…seen him in these colors a lot)
Mr. Miracle (If you like Kirby then you gotta buy this guy)
Dr. Impossible
Hawkman (Carter Hall, now does that sound like a Super-hero name?)
Killer Moth (Why did they make this guy?)

Collect all the figures above and get the pieces to build Kalibak (The Son of Darkseid…the Bad-Ass Dude).

We got a pretty large shipment of Series 6 and 7 in stock right now.  Don’t be a stranger, you can drop in and place your order from our site.  Shop here.