The foul-mouthed teddy bear from Seth McFarlane’s comedy hit can now be your best friend– though that might not be how you see it when he starts talking. This 16-inch plush toy features a number of phrases straight from the film and boasts a moving mouth to make it all a bit more legit– or as legit as a talking bear voiced by Seth McFarlane can be.

FAMILY GUY: Stewie 4-Pack

Family Guy fan? If so, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve just put up a pre-order for a figure set you’ll definitely want to get your hands on! Here’s a look:

This Mezco box set celebrates the character who is arguably Family Guy’s fan favourite, the baby-who-wouldn’t-be, Stewie Griffin. He’s changed his focus as the show has aged, going from plans to take over the world and eliminate his mother to a more calmly sardonic character who is admittedly ruthless but a lot less ambitious about it. Whether it’s for better or for worse, of course, it’s tough to tell, but if audience response is anything to go by, Stewie can do no wrong.

The box contains four figures based on looks Stewie’s had on the show:

Classic Stewie- in his signature red overalls
Commando Stewie- geared in camo-fatigues
Sexy Party Stewie- dressed in his sailor whites
XXXL Stewie- a portly Stewie in diapers and tee

You can check it out by clicking the pic above, or click here to see the whole collection of Family Guy toys!