SCARFACE – 6-Inch Figures Series 2

Two NEW Scarface figureshave arrived as part of Series 2! Brought to you by Mezco, they’re brilliant renderings of the classic Al Pacino character.

These are “fully realistic” Tony Montana figures, a striking change from the stylized items we’ve seen before. You can get Tony in a blue or a white suit and he comes with both an M-16 Rifle and a pistol.

Green Lantern Classic: SERIES 2

Sodam Yat, Nautkeiloi and Medphyll, Star Sapphire, Dex – Desportellis -B’dg, Skallox & Night-Lik and G-Hu, plus Build-A-Figure STEL make up the newly-arrived second series of GREEN LANTERN CLASSIC figures, a real treat for any DC comics fans.

Each character stands about 6 inches tall and features the excellent sculpting that DC has made their signature after a great few years of very impressive toy lines. Naturally, these figures can also be purchased individually if you’d prefer to pick and choose, so if you’ve got a soft spot for anyone in this collection, that might be the option for you!

Of course, fans will also want to keep an eye out for the upcoming figures based on the Green Lantern film. Click below to get an idea of the selection and we’ll keep you informed with specs and pics the moment we get ’em!

NEW Ame-Comi Heroine Statues SERIES 2

Though I’m not exactly sure how Cheetah made the cut (though I suppose plenty of villains have made it before) , DC Direct has unveiled its upcoming Ame-Comi HEROINES 5-inch Series 2, a trio of figures featuring Cheetah, Donna Troy and Wonder Woman as anime-fied statues. Made of PVC and standing at about 5 inches, they’re a very nice addition to the massive (and massively popular) line that DC has been so diligent in updating. Really, in a time when figures are frequently pulled and when many “series 1” have seen themselves become the only series, it’s good to see something growing steadily.

Check out the rest of the collection by clicking the pic below!