Smiling Luke Skywalker: A Comic Con Exclusive!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Star Wars toys out there and there’s no sign that LucasArts or Hasbro intends to staunch the flow anytime soon. But every so often, there’s an item that stands out in the crowd and that’s exactly how I feel about this new 3 3/4 inch figure based on the original trilogy.

Luke Skywalker, hero of the films, is usually seen in action shots, looking grim and serious as he takes on the threat of the Dark Side as it seeks to rule the galaxy. But in this San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Luke is all smiles as he celebrates a well-earned victory. This one is a neat addition to any fan’s collection.

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Torchwood Figures at Comic Con!

Fans of the Doctor Who action figures will be pleased to hear that the show’s spin-off, Torchwood, will soon be getting its own line of figures from Character Options Toys. They’ll be previewed at the San Diego Comic Con and we’ll let you know when they’re available elsewhere. For now, here’s a look and some more info from TV Over Mind:

Torchwood and Doctor Who fans have a lot to be excited about regarding next week’s Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego – and it just got even better for collectors. Underground Toys has just released images of their four exclusive new action figures, which will be available firstly at Comic-Con and then only at select online retailers following the event. If you’re an action figure collector like myself, you won’t want to miss these great new additions.

The first two selections are part of Character Options’ classic figure series. The first is the First Doctor (William Hartnell) with a Dalek Invasion of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek two-pack, harkening back to Doctor Who’s first broadcast in November 1963. Both color and black and white editions will be available, keeping in the spirit of the original black-and-white television broadcast. The second is the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), featured here with a Cybermen two-pack representing those found in the September 1967 episode ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’. This figure also has both color and black-and-white variants available. Both the First and Second Doctor exclusives have a SRP of $40.

Underground will also offer a Sixth Doctor variant figure, featuring Colin Baker’s incarnation in the alternative blue coat most visibly used in the BBC’s ‘Real Time’ webcast. This more muted, less frivolous design is a favorite among many fans, and this figure has an SRP of $20.

For Torchwood fans like myself, you’ll be thrilled to hear that a limited edition Captain Jack Harkness figure will also be offered at the convention. This figure, specially packaged for the upcoming Children of Earth miniseries, is a variant of the one released in the first wave of Torchwood figures. It features Jack in his dark blue alternative wardrobe, and is individually hand-numbered. This variant carries an SRP of $20.

All these figures will be available exclusively at the Underground Toys booth at Comic-Con (#3949), and later at select online retailers not yet known at press time.

What Comic-Con Means to Me by Seth Green

Writing as guest editor for Entertainment Weekly, Robot Chicken’s Seth Green talks a little about the awesome ride that is SDCC…

San Diego Comic-Con has exploded in the last few years, but remains at its core the last true safe haven for nerds and geeks to commune in their natural habitat without fear of persecution from judgmental outsiders.

In fact, those outsiders now flock to this five-day gathering, some even daring to leave the safety of their safari vehicles to take a closer look at the beautiful Nerd in its native environment.

They’re late to the party. This marks my 14th straight Comic-Con (that’s me on the left, dressed as Spider-Man, riding Robot Chickenwriter Hugh Sterbakov back in 2002), and it’s always like coming home again.

Over the years, the craziest thing I’ve experienced has been my transition from attendee to professional. My friends and I used to wait in long lines to sit in a huge room full of equally stoked fans just to catch a fleeting glimpse of the next big flick, or hear Eastman and Laird explain how the Ninja Turtles aren’t selling out by saying “cowabunga.” Now I’m a part of those panels, explaining to a room of our supportive fans how we’re the same as them and we’re making stuff we love.

The best part of Comic-Con is that it presents an opportunity to hang out with like-minded passionate and articulate people. The local bars are full of writers and artists, pros and hopefuls, discussing craft and spitballing new, amazing ideas. We’ll get into debates over which movie sucked the hardest (that’d be Catwoman), or who delivered the most iconic performance (Heath as the Joker currently leads that pack). It’s weird watching studio types and agents in suits at the con — the only guys in suits on the show floor used to be Men In Black fans — but I don’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to witness this spectacle.

Me? I keep coming back every year because I love it, and I’m happy we — Geek Nation — are dragging so many others into our domain. Spider-Man met Barack Obama…what a wonderful world we live in. SAN DIEGO MEETUPS!

Love dressing up as your favourite fictional character?
Heading to the San Diego Comic Con?
Ready to show off your awesome cosplay skills?

Then look no further than for all the info on meetups. I’ve been working on (okay, my designer’s been working on…) a costume for this year’s SDCC and I can’t wait to head over to the DC meet-up. If you’re planning on heading down, you should definitely check San Diego Comic Con Forum and find out where your meetup is being held. From DC and Marvel to Dr.Who and Torchwood, there are few groups not being represented this year. And if you find that your costume doesn’t apply to anything listed there, start a new thread! It’s a great way to meet like-minded folks and get the most out of your con experience.

And if SDCC isn’t your con, never fear! There’s also a Calendar and Event Listing page where you can check out all your options, both near and far.