Arthas the Lich King stands proudly on the icy terrain of Northrend, wielding the Runeblade Frostmourne. He stands a very impressive 19 inches tall and features levels of detail only Sideshow can provide. It’s a stunner for sure and fans of Warcraft should hurry to get their hands on it!

Classic Ultron Statue

This incredible new statue from Sideshow collectibles presents ULTRON seated on an incredible metallic throne, a truly awe-inspiring scene and a stunning addition to your display shelf. Crafted at the 1:5 scale, he’s over a foot tall and features the detailing you’ve come to expect from Sideshow and Marvel’s collaborations.


Sam Keith’s take on the Dark Knight is a wild one and if you’re a fan of wicked caricature or some seriously heavy metal Batman, then you’ve hit the jackpot! Check this out:

Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews working with Sam Keith’s designs, it’s a twisted addition to the growing line of Batman Black & White figures. This one stands about 6 inches tall and might just be the wildest entry yet.

20-inch Hulk Bust from Sideshow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning, drag yourself out of bed and down the stairs to the living room to suddenly come face with a massive green mutant staring you down, sending you stumbling backward, only to trip on the edge of the carpet and fall on your behind?


Then we’re proud to say that we’ve just gotten in a pre-order item that might help you try that out. Here it is:

Yep! How about that on the mantelpiece? At 20 inches tall, this thing isn’t just big, it’s life-size. Brought to you by Sideshow (who seem to have made a lot of appearances on this blog lately), you can find it here and pre-order now. It ships in the third quarter of this year, which will give you plenty of time to mentally prepare.