Forget turning over couch cushions, let this Alien gobble up your quarters!

Diamond Select is bringing us one of sci-fi horror’s most recognizable kind of extraterrestrial, but in piggy-bank form! This eight-inch vinyl bust is based on the warrior-class xenomorphs from the famed 1974 classic Alien. There’s a bonus feature,  too  the coin slot and bottom access door are discreetly fashioned so this looks just like any other collectible bust. No one will ever know where you keep your emergency candy money! Awesome.


Paired with a artful sculpting detail and very tasteful paint scheme, it’s clear that your Alien fix won’t be had until you nab this guy.


This bank is eight inches tall and looks just like any high-quality, detailed bust.

This bank is eight inches tall and looks just like any high-quality, detailed bust.

Engineer is first in new Sideshow statue series based on Prometheus

The 2012 science-fiction film masterpiece is remembered in this comely statue of the stoic Engineer, the proto-human as brought to on-screen life by visionary Ridley Scott. Putting a tailspin on the Alien cinema franchise, Prometheus created science-fiction legend in the prototype of the otherworldly Engineers, who functioned as genetic technicians whose responsibility was to impregnate planets with the seed of races of living beings.

Sideshow has recently acquired the Prometheus license, and this Engineer statue is the debut figurine in their series. This character is wearing a “Space Jockey” suit, paying tribute to the 1979 Alien film. This guy is colossal, standing upright at 22 inches. You can’t miss out. Grab him now!

21st-century schizoid Engineer.

21st-century schizoid Engineer.

Tali’Zora vas Normandy

A Japanese import, this Tali figure is based on her appearance in Mass Effect 2, clad in her signature purple gear. She’s a Kai Series Play Arts figure, so you know you’re not only getting quality sculpting, but amazing detail and paintwork, great accessories and a ton of articulation. Take a look:

Tali (9″ tall) comes with her M-27 Scimitar Shotgun and M-5 Phalanx Pistol and is packaged in a deluxe window box.


Whether he was your best friend or your boyfriend, Garrus remains a beloved character in the Mass Effect fandom. And finally, he’s been given his due as a deluxe action figure from the brilliant designers at Play Arts. Take a look:

He stands about 8 inches tall and features amazing detail, capturing the armor, accessories and stone-like skin of the calibration-loving Turian sniper. If you’re a fan, order now! He’s going fast.


A brand new maquette has been released in celebration of the awesomeness of FIREFLY. Browncoats rejoice!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Little Damn Heroes (TM) Serenity Maquette from Quantum Mechanix.

One of science fiction’s most beloved spaceships isn’t a gargantuan battlecruiser or a sleek starship cruising the galaxies. It’s the workhorse Firefly-class transport, well past her prime with hardly a peashooter to defend herself, named Serenity.

QMx has recreated Serenity in 1:400 scale, measuring appoximately 8 inches long, made of dozens of parts, some as small as a millimeter. Her design, created using the shows actual CG files, matches the Firefly TV series version of the ship in every detail. Quantum Mechanix Little Damn Heroes (TM) Serenity Maquette is the perfect size for your favorite space.


Fans of PROMETHEUS or the ALIENS franchise will be happy to see these stunning new figures of two Engineers, one with the flight suit and one without. To see one of the great Alien mysteries, the Space Jockey, revealed in Prometheus was certainly stunning, but the mysteries of the Engineers themselves is an even greater one, sure to span several films and create a universe all its own.

You can now pre-order the Prometheus figures individually or as a set of two!

GI JOE: 2012, Wave 1

Shipping later this month, Lifeline, Law & Order, Airtight, Sci-Fi and Zombie Viper are the fourth wave of the 2012 line of 3.75-inch G.I. Joe action figures. They come with weapons and accessories and feature some great articulation. If you’re looking to stage some epic adventures from the G.I. Joe Universe, then be sure to snag these guys individually or as a set!