MEZCO’S Stylized Roto Series: SAW PUPPET & JASON

Mezco proudly presents a brand new pair of 10-inch figures based on two of the biggest horror franchises of all time. Both are rotoscoped for awesome design and stylised in a way that makes them both distinctive and iconic.

This Mezco JASON is a 10 inch-tall rendering of one the most terrifying slasher antagonists ever. He features a removable trademark hockey mask, three camper-killing weapons, real cloth clothing, and a full 14 points of articulation. This is definitely one that the fans of both the films and the overall genre will want to snag.

The Saw Puppet is the second of the figures and commemorates the Saw franchise. Opening the door for the whole “torture porn” franchise, the Saw series was a surprise hit in a world that seemed more…shall we say…evolved? But nevertheless, the films and the puppet have made their way into the public consciousness and into the last moments of a great many unfortunate victims.

Horror Movie Toys and Paranormal Activity 2

As Halloween approaches, our thoughts turn to the dark and sinister, to the creepy and the outright terrifying…and to our very favourite horror movies. Here’s a selection of the horror collections we’ve got in-stock. If you don’t see your favourite listed, be sure to check out our complete movie action figure section for more films including The Wolf Man, Corpse Bride (Not horror, but Halloween-y!), Alien and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


With tons of figures in a ton of different waves, you’ll find the likes of EVIL DEAD’s Ash, Beetlejuice, SHAUN OF THE DEAD’s Shaun, SILENCE OF THE LAMB’s Hannibal Lecter, GREMLINS’ Brain and many more! Check it out!


If you enjoy THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LEGEND, BLAIR WITCH, or CHUCKY, then you’ll want to peruse this section, which brings a ton of characters to life as highly-detailed 6-inch figures. If your tastes run weird, it’s a great line.


A line that throws together MICHAEL MYERS, JASON and LEATHERFACE is one with which it is hard to go wrong come Halloween! Blood, guts and action figures!


More specific than the previous categories, this one’s all about Freddie and the films in which he’s starred. A very cute Living Dead Doll, a 12-inch figure and a few 7-inchers help add some diversity to a character who has haunted dreams for decades!


The now-iconic Jigsaw Puppet and the man himself are available in this, which represents perhaps the newest horror franchise on the list and one that began the so-called “torture porn” trend that has defined horror in the 00s. As the series comes to a close, what will be the next wave?


David and Michael are two figures in NECA’s Lost Boys line and you can get ’em both right here. These 7-inchers are an absolutely perfect way to commemorate the film and to look back fondly on the 80s, a time of some very new and very different kinds of horror.


Hellraiser: Either you get it or you don’t. But if you do, then you might enjoy snagging creatures and characters like Angelique, Chatter Beast, Butterball, Wire Twin, Pin Head and more!

Which brings us, of course, to some very recent horror: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The folks at DreadCentral have been keeping a close eye on the viral campaign and the latest developments are my favourite thus far. No clicking around, no videos, no sounds, just a straight-forward ad, at first…

Go ahead. Send in your very own paranormal experience. Because if you do, then you might just get a letter in return. It looks a little like this…

What’s next? Well, we’ll have to see. And if things don’t get sorted soon, at least we can hope for answers when the movie comes out on the 22nd!

A Repo! Rip-off?

When I first heard about Repo! The Genetic Opera, it was premiering at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. It seemed to be everything I hated: pointless gore, forced cult appeal and a Hot Topic aesthetic all wrapped up in a rock opera I figured I’d dislike as much as its predecessor, Rocky Horror. So when I caught myself tapping along to one of the pre-released tracks (“Zydrate Anatomy”), I was already surprised. And downright shocked when I watched the movie and actually enjoyed it.

The film tells the story of a dystopian future in which organ failure has crippled the globe and the market for replacement organs is monopolized by GeneCo, a company as necessary as it is corrupt. But what happens when a patient can’t pay the debt they owe? The Repo Man comes calling. The story itself is the tale of this Repo Man, who is by night a cruel killer but by day a single father trying to protect his ailing daughter from the darkness of the world. Throw in a drug-dealing graverobber, a vapid junkie socialite played by Paris Hilton, a blind opera singer and a cast of other strange characters and you get something truly unique–even if that uniqueness isn’t come by naturally.

Perhaps appropriately for a film that demands to be a cult classic, the studios weren’t big on it and it never got a proper release, languishing at little festivals until it hit DVD a few months ago. But now there’s a new movie coming out and it seems just a bit…strange. Here’s the word from The Examiner

I am a fan of the rock/horror opera film, Repo! The Genetic Opera. I liked the originality and despite some tacky song numbers it was a very entertaining movie. Lately I’ve been reading teasers and rumors about a Universal Studios picture in the works with a similar title and a near mirror of the storyline. Repo! Wasn’t a mainstream movie and it didn’t make as big as impact as it should have, but it has its followers and had enough success for the sequel rumors to begin circulating. However, I want to make it very clear right now that this Repo Men! film is not, I repeat, not the sequel to the Genetic Opera. To be perfectly honest I can’t figure out this Repo Men! movie, I just don’t see the point in making a film so similar.

Repo Men! Centers on Remy, played by Jude Law, a repo man made up of artificial organs, who receives a heart transplant. When he struggles to make the payments, he must go on the run from his former partner, played by Forest Whitaker. Beth, played by Alice Braga, married but lost touch with Remy while he was serving in the Army. Ten years later, Beth, down on her luck and retrofitted with artificial organs, is reunited with Remy as they seek to run. For Genetic Opera fans this will sound very familiar.

I’m not against this film; I just don’t understand why a studio like Universal would go through the process of making a film that is so very similar to another. I realize that some of you are wondering why I would question the integrity of the film, but the sequel fad is roaring strong and I’m afraid that this may turn out to be another slip in the wrong direction. I certainly hope that this doesn’t mean that other studios will begin ripping off plotlines from less successful films. I’ll keep watching for updates and we’ll just have to wait and see where this film ends up.

* * *

Now, some might call this a misunderstanding, a case of accidental similarity. But a look at this interview with the writer, director and actress Alexa Vega tells a different story.