Naruto and Sasuke jump right out of Boruto: Naruto the Movie

If you’ve ever invited a cutie over for “Naruto and chill”, this one’s for you. (And we know there are more of us out there.) Introducing the Boruto: Naruto the Movie DXF Vol. 2 Naruto (pictured below) and Sasuke figures from Banpresto, a must-cop for any anime fan on your list.

Crafted in remarkable detail, these six-inch renderings of the much-adored protagonist and his arch-nemesis are two of Banpresto’s most detailed sculpture figures to date. They’ll be shipped to you in designer collector’s boxes, too. (All marketing goals aside, can we talk about how fantastic that cape is?! Definitely a #look.)boruto-naruto-the-movie-6-inch-sculpture-figure-dxf-vol-2-naruto-pre-order-ships-sept-2015-3.gif

Naruto Shippuden PVC Figures: Series 3

Itachi and Sasuke have arrived to join the NARUTO section on our website!

From TOYNAMI, the figures stand about 6 inches tall and look absolutely great, bringing weapons and accessories with them to complete the character-accurate look. Itachi and Sasuke can be purchased together or individually and they join a couple of Naruto figures in this collection, which I have to say is almost sure to go quickly: these guys are really popular and really sought-after.