MARVEL SELECT : Wolverine (Brown-suit)

An exclusive figure, this awesome masked Wolverine is the latest addition to Marvel Select’s awesome line.

Standing about 8 inches tall, his brown costume is a more muted (and more awesome?) version of the stark yellow and black outfit we’re used to seeing. He comes with a sweet figure stand and a Samurai base that makes us all the more excited for the upcoming Wolverine-in-Japan film, The Wolverine.


Samurai, Black Vulcan, El Dorado, Toyman, Bronze Tiger and Captain Boomerang make up the 18th series of DC Universe figures from DC Direct! Available as a set or as individual characters for those who prefer to pick and choose, this collection of 6-inch figures is something of a strange edition, featuring some more obscure character than previous series’. It’s nice to see a few of them given a chance to please die-hard DC fans a shot at snagging their very favourite heroes and villains.

You can order these guys now and they’ll be shipping out a little later this year!