Complete your Marvel Select lineup with the Zombie Sabretooth

Everything’s better with a little dose of the apocalypse sprinkled in, right? Let Marvel Select’s Zombie Sabretooth show you just how much! Here we have a well-known Marvel Universe persona in zombie form, just the way we like ’em.

Standing eight inches tall, he’ll fit right in among your other Marvel Select collectibles, despite being a tad more undead¬† than most of them. It’s all good. Hopefully you’ve been putting in work on the treadmill and can outrun all your zombie friends. Grab him before we’re out!

Zombie walk.

Zombie walk.

Marvel Select First Appearance Sabretooth Review

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Select series, you’ve probably heard about the exclusive first-appearance Sabretooth. In case you haven’t, though, and are wondering whether to snag it or not, take a look at this awesome review of the toy from Youtube! It’s one in a series by the folks at Sentry Productions:

Fan Expo 2009: Our Exclusive and THE PICS!

First Appearance Marvel Select Sabretooth

We’ve still got some of our exclusive First-Appearance Sabretooth figures left. From the Marvel Select collection, these figures stand about 7 or 8 inches tall and feature amazing sculpting and a great paint job reflecting Sabretooth’s original look from his first appearance in a 1977 issue of Iron Fist (as “Sabre-Tooth”).

We brought him to Fan Expo, but if you weren’t able to make it, you can order him here or by clicking his pic above. This one’s a great find for collectors and you can only get it from us!

First Appearance Sabretooth Marvel Select Action FigureFan Expo 2009 Sabretooth Exclusive Booth

Meanwhile, we’ve juuuuuust uploaded our FanExpo pics, so here’s a look at how we spent our weekend!

New Sabretooth Figures from Marvel Select

We’ve already mentioned the CmdStore EXCLUSIVE First Appearance Sabretooth, but we’ve got a second rendering of Wolverine’s nemesis that has just arrived in-stock. Also from Marvel Select, here’s a look at the newest villain they’ve brought to life! You can snag it now, or check out the whole selection of Marvel Select figures to see if your favourite character has made the cut!

First Appearance Sabretooth Marvel Select Exclusive Figure at FanExpo Toronto 2009

Here is an update on the status of: First Appearance Sabretooth Marvel Select Exclusive Figure

Release info: FanExpo, Toronto (August 27th 2009)
Location: Can be purchased at Booth #827

Sabretooth First Appearance Marvel Select Figure

Of course…if you can’t make it to the FanExpo show, you can always buy it from our website at: ¬†

Buy First Appearance Sabretooth Marvel Select Figure

Toronto Fan Expo: August 28-30, 2009

Hobbystar’s Toronto Fan Expo is some ways off, happening August 28th to the 30th, but we at CmdStore have decided to head down there this summer with three booths of our very own. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to check us out. We’ll be selling all kinds of figures and toys, but the real gem of the collection will undoubtedly be this guy:

The CMDStore Exclusive Sabretooth figure from Marvel Select. We’re the only ones selling this brand new figure, which features the vicious Marvel villain rendered as he was in his very first appearance in Iron Fist #14 in 1977.

The guest list has yet to be released for this always-huge convention, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated the minute we find out! For now, check out the Fan Expo website here.

EXCLUSIVE First-Appearance Sabretooth Action Figure!

For all the Marvel fans, we’re proud to announce that we are offering an EXCLUSIVE new figure from Marvel Select: First Appearance Sabretooth. Already available for pre-order, this limited edition figure captures Victor Creed as he appeared in his original 1977 incarnation, tearing up the pages of Iron Fist #14.

Standing over 7 inches tall, the exclusive is also available as a part of two different sets:

Double your supervillainy with this set featuring both old-school and modern-day Sabretooth.

Mortal enemies Wolverine and Sabretooth face off in this two-pack featuring both the Sabretooth figure and brown-suited Wolverine.

And for more from the Marvel legends, be sure to check out the rest of the collection, including the upcoming Mar-Vell and the Red Hulk exclusive, by clicking below!