Two new STREET FIGHTER figures have been added to Play Arts’ growing Kai Series. RYU and CHUN-LI have arrived, meaning fans of the arcade and console game can now grab two of the series’ most popular heroes. Check these out!

Being part of the Kai Series means you can expect these guys to have some major articulation, great accessories and sculpts that bring the game to life in a whole new way. Each one stands about 8 inches tall and is packaged with multiple hands and their very own special move, perfect for staging some epic battles on your display shelf!

Street Fighter Classic – Series 1

Now you can snag some classic Street Fighter characters in new action figure 2-packs from Jazwares. Ryu vs. Sagat and Ken vs. Blanka are available and ready for action! These guys are pretty small at 3.75 inches, but their size is no impediment to their awesome articulation and the battles you can wage on your toyshelf!

Street Fighter Survival Mode Figures

It’s definitely rare that Street Fighter comes up at all, but on top of the last post about Street Fighter batsu figures, I must now add this to inform fans about another line we’ve just gotten: Street Fighter Survival Mode figures.

You might remember Survival Mode as the mode that tests how far players can get without dying along the way. If you don’t remember it, here’s a quick clip from Youtube that shows the game being played on this setting:

Naturally, survival mode is quite the achievement for even hardened players, which is probably why the folks at NECA have decided to immortalize the survival mode versions of players Ryu, Guile and Ken. Each one is pumped-up and clad in the all-black that I suppose means business. Each 7-inch figure boasts alternate hands and a whopping 35 points of articulation! Check out our Street Fighter section to see more from the game and all the merch it has spawned.

Street Fighter Batsu Figures: Ryu, Blanka and E. Honda

More and more, action figures seem to be headed in a highly stylized direction, from adorable Marvel Superhero Squad toys to “Star Wars Mighty Muggs and Gears of War’s stylized Marcus Fenix to the latest addition to our pre-order list…

Street Fighter Batsu figures! The first series of figures based on the classic arcade-game-turned-franchise includes three characters from the original group: sumo wrestler Edmond (E.) Honda, leading man Ryu and the monstrous Blanka. Click the pic to see the whole set of figures, plus all the other Street Fighter merch we’ve got over at CmdStore. The new guys ship in March and can be ordered now!