Isamot Kol only looks terrifying–he actually fights for justice across the universe as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and is one of the most powerful heroes in the legion. When the new Green Lantern film hits theatres, I can only hope that his on-screen presence is as awesome as the Movie Masters 6-inch version above. They really made some excellent choices in releasing this line and picking the characters they did.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more traditional, how about their take on Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan?

These figures are joined in the first two series’ by Tomar Re, Rot Lop Fan, Nautkeloi and Sinestro. Some are already available, but you can also pre-order the rest, which ship later this month and in June!

Green Lantern Classic: SERIES 2

Sodam Yat, Nautkeiloi and Medphyll, Star Sapphire, Dex – Desportellis -B’dg, Skallox & Night-Lik and G-Hu, plus Build-A-Figure STEL make up the newly-arrived second series of GREEN LANTERN CLASSIC figures, a real treat for any DC comics fans.

Each character stands about 6 inches tall and features the excellent sculpting that DC has made their signature after a great few years of very impressive toy lines. Naturally, these figures can also be purchased individually if you’d prefer to pick and choose, so if you’ve got a soft spot for anyone in this collection, that might be the option for you!

Of course, fans will also want to keep an eye out for the upcoming figures based on the Green Lantern film. Click below to get an idea of the selection and we’ll keep you informed with specs and pics the moment we get ’em!

Marvel Select Deadpool Figure: 8 Inches of Mouthy Merc

We’ve just gotten the new masked Deadpool figure from Marvel Select and it looks great. I’ve always preferred the 8-inch figures to the 6-inch models and this is a great example of the kind of awesome sculpting and high detail you can get from those extra two inches.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be much action on the Deadpool movie front. After his appearance as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds was signed on to star in a full-length film about the hero. But as we wait for developments on that front, Reynolds is also set to play a popular DC hero: The Green Lantern. Two heroes who couldn’t be more different and they’re united by the same actor; what must that be like for ’em?

Well, over on Youtube, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy explains:

Green Lantern release date set for Ryan Reynolds film

Ryan Reynolds as Green lantern

Green Lantern’s release date has been announced, with Ryan Reynolds as the star. Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern sounds like a great match on paper, and after his turn in the X-Men series, it seems Reynolds is made for this world of films. With the starring role in Green Lantern though, Ryan Reynolds could be placing himself squarely on the A-list of actors.

The Green Lantern release date is scheduled for June 17, 2011, so it is still a bit of a ways off, but that doesn’t mean the buzz can’t get started. The film is supposed to go into principal photography and begin shooting within about four months, and that will give producers plenty of time to create an epic super hero film. Green Lantern always seemed like one of those super hero movies that couldn’t be made into a live action version, but it seems they are about to make it a reality.

Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is on board to be the director of Green Lantern, and right now Ryan Reynolds is the only big name star attached to the project. That will certainly change as filming get closer to taking place (read below). That only minor details about the script have been released, really shows that they have a lot of faith in Ryan Reynolds being able to pull off the role of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern). This just makes the year even better for Ryan Reynolds, who recently married (uber Hot)  Scarlett Johansson and seems to be box office gold. He is coming off two high grossing films with Wolverine and a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock. Now it seems like the sky isn’t the limit for Ryan Reynolds, as he seeks to take on the role of an out-of-this-world super hero.

Blake Lively in Green Lantern?In additional to Van Wilder getting the lead role, Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively might also be casted in the Green Lantern movie. The 22-year-old blonde star is being lined-up to play the love interest of the main character Hal Jordan – who is played by Ryan Reynolds.

However, Blake reportedly faces stiff competition for the part as Jennifer Garner, Diane Kruger and Eva Green are also in the running.

A source said: “Blake would be amazing in this role. She has a busy 2010 promoting The Town, but she would love to play a part in a superhero film.”  I like Blake…she is hot!

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan Action Figure

Green Lantern News, Toys and Fan Trailer!

Briefly mentioned in our last post, Ryan Reynolds will be taking on the roles of not only Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, but also DC star Green Lantern. IOL‘s got the news!

[Reynolds] is in the final stage of meetings for the much sought-after lead in the upcoming Warner Brothers movie based on the 1940s comic book hero, beating off competition from a host of stars including Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake.

Director Martin Campbell and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti have spent several months finalising casting after they each favoured different actors for the part.

If negotiations go well, Reynolds – who recently starred in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and is to appear in the spin-off ‘Deadpool’ – will be the only actor to have played superheroes for both Marvel and DC Comic brands.

The ‘Green Lantern’ comic follows a pilot called Hal Jordan who is given a power ring and battery by a dying alien. By receiving the gifts, the otherwise ordinary man is instantly transformed into Green Lantern – a man who is “utterly honest and born without fear”.

At present, ‘Green Lantern’ is scheduled for release on June 17, 2011.

It’s pretty exciting stuff and the films for rival comic book companies will definitely help Reynolds show off his versatility–or just his ability to look awesome in full-on action sequences. Although for some, the news of his casting is little more than a disappointment; for quite a while now, a fan campaign has been pushing for Nathan Fillion to nab the coveted role as Hal Jordan. And when an impressive fan trailer hit the web, the desire to see the former Firefly/Serenity star take on the Green Lantern hit a fever pitch. Here’s a look:

And finally, more for Green Lantern fans! DC Direct has a line of Green Lantern: Blackest Night figures on their way. From Boodikka to Kryb to Atrocitus, you’ll find Lanterns of every colour (and the Sinestro Corps) in this 6” collection. You can pre-order now and have them shipped to you in a couple months, or you can check out the collection that’s already in-stock. Just click the pic below!

Fans rejoice! Deadpool WILL break the 4th Wall! Plus, figures!

From Ace Showbiz comes some great news about the upcoming Deadpool movie:

Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he will carry Deadpool’s habit of breaking the fourth wall from the comics to the big screen. Being interviewed during the promotion of his latest film “The Proposal”, he hinted that his character in “Deadpool” movie will occasionally be seen addressing the audience directly. “Break the fourth wall? Oh yeah, he’s got to. I want to see him break the Great Wall,” Reynolds told Empire.

Reynolds who portrayed the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” also informed 20th Century Fox has been working on a script and trying to find a director. The actor also claimed that he and the studio were working to make “Deadpool” as close as possible to the comic version, stating “The main goal is to make sure it stays close to the source material.”

Asked if he feels under pressure from fanboys of the comics, Reynolds answered, “I’m one of them. I’ve always been a fan, at least for the last eight or nine years. I feel a bit of validation because I knew going into Wolverine that there’s a huge fanbase for this and I don’t think anyone else did.”

* * *
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Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool Movie

From the Coventry Telegraph. . .

RYAN REYNOLDS has promised fans of Deadpool they will see a faithful version of the comic book character in the proposed spin-off.

The actor starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as sword-spinning Wade Wilson, who becomes the masked mercenary Deadpool.

Reynolds has now given an update on the project and assured comic book enthusiasts that there will be an accurate portrayal of the character.

He said: “I love it, because I get to be involved. And I’m such a huge fan of the character. I get to be the authentication police, in a weird way.

“To their credit – the studio’s credit – they want to make an authentic Deadpool movie; they want to make it as close to the source material as possible.”

Speaking to MTV, he said: “He’s going to be the Merc with the Mouth, [we’re going to give] all those answers that everyone wants. He’s going to have the scarred-up face, he’s going to be in the suit – and, it’s going to be incredible.”

The 32-year-old actor continued: “Right now, it’s just a question of trying to figure out what is the spine of the story,” he added. “Who is the villain? What does Wade and/or Deadpool want?

“And how do you tell that story? Are we going to see flashbacks to his old life, flash-forwards, present-day? We’re just trying to figure that stuff out.”

He and the studio are in the process of seeking a writer and director for the solo adventure.

* * *

And for more, check out the awesome Deadpool figures we’ve got in-stock, including the X-Men Origins Deadpool, the Superhero Squad adorable Deadpool or the rare Marvel Legends Deadpool for collectors.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine and…Deadpool?

When fans of the X-Men film franchise (those who hadn’t yet downloaded the film’s leaked workprint) first saw the movie Deadpool action figure, it’s safe to say that there were very few people pleased about this:

(image from ToyFare) I’ve never been the type to cry foul when Hollywood has to make changes to comic canon (sometimes things have to be done to translate this stuff for a wider audience), but this (and what we see int he film) does seem like they went a little far. Despite some vague efforts to get the eye patterns to resemble the Deadpool we know and love, fans of the wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking one-man army (who, by the way, has no problem speaking) are going to have to wait for a new Marvel movie to get a treatment of the hero who seems to have been inspired by Hellboy’s Karl Kroenen or a toothless version of Moral Kombat’s Baraka. Which is either a plus or a shame, because Ryan Reynolds does seem like he could have carried off a far more comic-accurate version of the character. But we’re here to talk about figures, so here’s a look at the complete collection of Wolverine Origins items we’ve not got in stock. It includes Wolverine in his high-tech skivvies as Weapon-X and the Baraka-style Deadpool. Fortunately, it also includes the classic Deadpool, Wolvering AND Gambit for purists.

And hey, for anybody still needing that Deadpool fix without the dreaded “Origins” tag, we’ve got you covered in two ways. First, there’s the Marvel Legends Series 6 Deadpool, which comes with a full-length comic and an alternate head that actually manages to look pretty compared to that of his latest incarnation.

The above Marvel Legends Deadpool is a pricey piece, and definitely one for collectors, but the next item is very much “for all”: the Superhero Squad Deadpool and Punisher. Two characters very much unused to being adorable, they pull it off nicely in this 2-figure set from Hasbro. Of course, there’s nothing Hollywood likes like a sequel. So who knows what’s next for our beloved Wade Wilson? You never know: maybe next time they’ll get it right.