Series 6 of The Walking Dead figures by McFarlane Toys are now in stock!

The TV show that has served all of our post-apocalyptic screen needs since 2010 is more than worthy of attention from big toy companies. And we’re super stoked that that is indeed happening, because these six new figures from McFarlane Toys are absolutely bomb. The AMC series inspired by the work of Robert Kirkman is totally blood-curdling, and these toys are no different. They come with various weapons and garment accessories and multiple points of articulation, of course.

Among the new, must-have six-inch figures are Rick Grimes (pictured below), Daryl Dixon, Michonne, RV Zombie, Abraham Ford, Hershel Greene, Carol Peletier, Bungee Guts Zombie and The Governor with Long Coat. Pick them up today on individually or make it easy on yourself by copping the set of nine at a special price!

Are those bloodstained pants Versace?

Hey, boy. Are those bloodstained pants Versace?

The Walking Dead – Bloody Black and White Zombie 3-Pack

That’s a mouthful!

The bloody black and white zombie 3-pack is a fantastic new addition to the Walking Dead merch collection and it’s one that real zombie fans are sure to enjoy, down to every last gory detail.

The Bicycle Girl might be the most famous of the show’s undead set, but the Well Zombie and the RV Zombie definitely gave us some memorable –and unpleasant– moments, as well. Here, they’re rendered in a classic, creepy black and white, but the blood and gore retain their colour as grisly highlights.