TAKARA PRESENTS: Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime

Both OPTIMUS PRIME and RODIMUS PRIME are now available for pre-order for any fan of the famed Robots in Disguise. Check these out!



The Takara collection is imported from Japan and generally boasts a higher quality construction, some improved materials and pretty awesome designs. They bring a retro sensibility to a new building technology and do a great job of recreating the feeling of the old-school Transformers for fans who love them. These guys are pre-orderable now and ship later this month!


The RODIMUS CONVOY MP-09 12-inch figure is a real treat for long-time Transformers fans and based on the original, first-generation toys you may have fallen in love with years ago.

Part of the growing Transformers TAKARA collection, Rodimus is a big, bad figure and joins the likes of Ultra-Magnus, Suzuki Swift Bumblebee, Skywarp, Grimlock and a bunch of others from both the Autobot and Decepticon affiliations.