Arkham City Statue Figure : THE JOKER

An amazing black and white figure with eerie green highlights, this rendering of Arkham City’s JOKER is a truly amazing addition to the growing collection. With an deceptively playful expression concealing the malice within, he stands about 10 inches tall and is sure to look particularly good next to the Arkham City Harley Quinn. Order him now and he ships out in May!

Arkham City News and Arkham Asylum Figures!

As announced by, CALENDAR MAN is the latest character to be confirmed for the upcoming ARKHAM CITY. Here’s the story and a first look at his design!

We got what was thought to be our first look at Arkham City’s Calendar Man at the end of last year.

But, with the Rocksteady design looking a bit chubby and generic goon-like (except for the distinctive tattoo around his head) we couldn’t be sure back then that the spotted character wasn’t just a Calendar Man thug.

A new image attached to a short Calendar Man bio, however, has emerged on the internet seemingly confirming the design.

It’s already been confirmed that Calendar Man will feature in Arkham City with script cues that will be activated according to the time in real life. More specifically, if you visit the criminal at his cell during any real-life holiday, he’ll have a natter with you about the crimes he performed on that day.

And there’s more good news! We’ve just gotten our shipment of 6-inch DC Direct figures based on Arkham City’s awesome predecessor, Arkham Asylum:

The first series includes Batman, Joker (with Scarface), Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, each rendered brilliantly by the talented artists at DC Direct. They capture the look of the game perfectly. The next series, which includes the likes of Poison Ivy and Bane, will be available in May and are pre-orderable now!

New Screens from ARKHAM CITY

Kotaku recently posted a ton of new screenshots from the upcoming game, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. So far, the game looks amazing (even if I do question why they’ve brought Harley Quinn even further away from her comic book costume) and these screenshots are probably going to make the wait even harder. Here’s a look at Catwoman and Two-Face–the rest of the pics can be found here).

And, of course, as this is an action figure blog, if you’re looking for Arkham Asylum figures, we’ve definitely got a bunch of those. Available for pre-order and shipping in January and February of 2011, look for Batman, Joker, Harley, Scarecrow and more!


The NEW figures for next week’s ARKHAM CITY are now available for pre-order and if the first images are anything to go by, fans are going to eat these up. Check out Series 1:

With a cowl-free Batman, a hard-rock Harley Quinn and a hooded Tim Drake Robin, this series brings a lot to the table and DC Direct should be very proud.

Each figure stands 7 inches tall and comes with character- and game-accurate accessories where applicable. They join the equally successful Arkham Asylum figures in this growing collection and will be shipping in December of this year!

And if you want something tailored for super-fans and collectors, then look no further than these…

The KAI SERIES Arkham Asylum figures from Play Arts. THese ones are a little bigger at 8 inches and boast improved articulation, amazing levels of detail and a number of great accessories. You should definitely pre-order this pair if you’re looking for a brilliant addition to your display shelf. They ship out in early 2012!