OPTIMUS MAXIMUS is the latest release from Transformers’ CYBERVERSE collection. A massive 12” figure, he makes an impressive addition to any TF fan’s collection.

A 2-in-1 figure, Optimus includes dual arm cannons and a mega-blaster and, when converted to vehicle mode, features enough room to hold up to 9 Cyberverse figures! Add to that glowing lights and sounds and you can see why this is one of the finest figures out there.

• OPTIMUS MAXIMUS figure converts from robot mode to vehicle mode. • In robot mode he has 2 arm cannons and a mega blaster! • Command cockpit! • In vehicle mode he can hold up to 9 CYBERVERSE figures. • Includes 3 missiles! • Lights and sounds!

Transformers Generations: BRUTICUS

If you missed out on the SDCC 2012 Exclusive Bruticus, you can still build a big ol’ robot in disguise with the second 2012 wave from the Transformers Generations collection.

As you can see above, there are 5 figures in this series (Blast-Off, Brawl, Vortex, Swindle and Onslaught); collect them all and you’ve got a big, bad Bruticus on your hands. Individually, the Transformers are about 6 inches tall and can be purchased individually, if you’re more about the details than the big pictures– or just enjoy picking your faves.


A battle for the ages! Based on their appearance in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and STARSCREAM arrive in this awesome 2-pack (also featuring some humans, but who cares when the robots in disguise are on the scene?).

The figures themselves are about 6 inches tall, can fully transform and come packaged with 3 full-length Transformers Prime episodes, meaning you can both catch up with the adventures or reenact them!


Fans of Transformers Prime can snag this great 6-inch figure based on the show and featured as one of San Diego Comic Con 2011’s signature EXCLUSIVE items. It’s a 6-inch tall rendering of Optimus Prime, featuring an amazing premium deco that’s unique to the figure and gives a great dramatic flair, sleek and metallic. Beyond the awesome transforming figure, though, this is one collectible where the package might actually be just as awesome. Called “The Matrix of Leadership”, the box converts into a wearable piece!

TAKARA PRESENTS: Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime

Both OPTIMUS PRIME and RODIMUS PRIME are now available for pre-order for any fan of the famed Robots in Disguise. Check these out!



The Takara collection is imported from Japan and generally boasts a higher quality construction, some improved materials and pretty awesome designs. They bring a retro sensibility to a new building technology and do a great job of recreating the feeling of the old-school Transformers for fans who love them. These guys are pre-orderable now and ship later this month!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class Wave 4

TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon’s fourth wave of Deluxe Class figures is here and fans of the film or the entire Transformers universe are in for some great items.

The figure up there is NITRO BUMBLEBEE and he’s joined in the fourth wave by SPECIALIST RATCHET.

These two are soon to be joined by Wave 5, which will include AIR RAID, TOPSPIN and DARK STEEL, all of whom are available for pre-order now!


Transformers fans rejoice! There’s a brand new DEVASTATOR gift set now available from Takara. Shipping in the last quarter of this year, you can now pre-order this Japanese import.

The Takara series is a high-end collection of deluxe Transformers figures fit for fans looking out for something truly different to add to their collection. It stands a whopping 12 inches tall and is formed of several other smaller Transformers, all of whom can change independently or come together to form this behemoth.