Kotobukiya’s Red Robin statue figure rounds out ArtFX+ series

It’s about time that Batman’s loyal and whip-smart sidekick gets the attention he deserves! CmdStore introduces the DC Comics Presents ArtFX+ Red Robin statue figure from our plug Kotobukiya. A vibrant crimson color scheme with dabs of gold and emerald hues gives him a truly royal look. This Japanese import represents the third assistant to Batman after Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, a continuation of a legacy spanning decades.

The Teen Titans leader and indispensable New 52 hero is sculpted by Naoya Muto and stands just over seven inches tall (1/10 scale). Like all ArtFX+ statues, he has magnets in his feet for extra stability on his included display base. So don’t delay — grab him today with the image below!


Jump in the Batmobile with the Batman Classic 1966 Dynamic Duo

The much-loved classic TV series gets a 3-D makeover with this awesome new offering from Mattel. Check out this Batman Classic 1966 Dynamic Duo and Batmobile set! This team packs more punch than ever before in a set that includes Batman, Robin and a retro-cool Batmobile that they can ride inside. Batman and Robin stand six inches tall and are fully articulated, featuring the same classic colors and styling that you know and love from the hit TV show.

The Batmobile comes complete with signature fins, exposed piping, black and red colors and iconic Bat symbol. Re-create the most epic of battle scenes and then hop in the whip to save Gotham City. Click the “Shop Now” button below to get them straight to your collection faster than you can say “BIFF! BAM! KAPOW!”


This Robin (Damian Wayne) statue by Kotobukiya is a must-have!

Latest in the acclaimed line of DC Comics-based statues from Kotobukiya’s ArtFX line is Damian Wayne as Robin! The controversial anti-hero and ever-present sidekick of Batman tore up Gotham in the best way he knew how, leaping from serendipitous situation to cutthroat battle in his own haphazard way. Originally trained by the aggressive League of Assassins, Dick Grayson as Batman showed him a new way and revolutionized his crime-fighting know-how.

Check out this beautifully rendered statue, standing six inches tall in accurate 1/10 scale. Sporting a get-up of black, green, and shimmery crimson, the teen martial artist cracks his knuckles in a pose that means business. Topping it all off is a yellow cape to help him get where he needs to go, and Atelier Bamboo has done a fantastic job of sculpting this one to perfection. Pick him up today!

The perfect color scheme.

The perfect color scheme.

CmdStore rates the best hip hop and R&B songs about superheroes

We took some of these jams from a master list by the ever-savvy Billboard, which was pretty thorough, but we realized that we would have to necessarily omit such god-awful regrettables like “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down. (We’d like to forget that such a shudder-worthy hard-rock grunge “revival” even happened near the end of the ’90s and beginning of the ’00s, wouldn’t you?) To narrow it down and broaden the discussion, we’ve decided to look at five hip hop and R&B songs referencing superheroes, rating them with corresponding grades.

So, here are a few songs that your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes just might boogie down to at a house party. (And can you imagine what that party would be like? Seriously, can we get an invite? Would Spider-Man drink light or dark beer? We have so many questions right now.) Let’s go!

1. Batman and Robin – Snoop Dogg feat. Lady of Rage RBX

Tha Doggfather injects a re-working of the classic Batman theme song with the trademark West-Coast gangsta swagger of a G-funk persuasion. A deep, plucky bass line adds Gotham-like seriousness with old-school comic-book kitsch, as Lady of Rage raps, “Hit ’em with the POW! BAM! BIFF! Whoa / Pick up your lips, don’t trip, tie your shoelace / When I spit, I split it, turn Harvey Dent into Two-Face / Robin, I’m more than a sidekick, I’m more like the livest”. Yes. All of the yes. We give this superhero jam an A-.

2. Superman – Eminem

Some of you may remember saving your allowance to buy The Eminem Show circa 2002, only to have it confiscated by your mom after she saw the “Parental Advisory” sticker and gasped at the violent, sexually-charged lyrics. Now I get why moms the world over did what they did, because it probably wasn’t cool that I could rap all of the f-words on the album at the age of 12. And I know I wasn’t the only one! This ditty is rife with gross, misogynistic lyrics, and essentially sees Marshall Mathers telling his lady that he can’t save her and be her Superman. That being said, The Eminem Show was very much a key work of 2000s rap, and represented an era in which Em broke down racial barriers for the genre. We give this superhero jam a C+.

3. Gotham City (Remix) – R. Kelly

R. Kelly is the king of pushing remixes that are way more bangin’ than their originals could ever hope to be (see: “Ignition”). The remix to “Gotham City” is no exception. The original song was, appropriately, on the soundtrack to the 1997 film Batman & Robin. But it was terrible. So sappy, so fluffy. Even the would-be futuristic sparse hi-hats were lost amidst the cheese. The remix is much more palatable. Here, we see spookier, notably more East-Coast-influenced production à la Mobb Deep’s The Infamous. The concept is “Gotham City for the ghetto”, as Kells croons, and longs for a utopia where he feels he can belong, in the vein of “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Thugz Mansion”. For the extra effort and solemn relatability of the remix, we give this superhero jam a B.

There’s clearly something missing here — where are the songs about more obscure fandom characters?! Is the intersection of hip-hop artists and comic-book culture aficionado(a)s really that small? Perhaps Nicki Minaj rhyming about Harley Quinn and Rocket Raccoon is but a mere fantasy, but hey — a geek can dream, right?

Source: giphy.com

Source: giphy.com

Play Arts Kai Joker and Robin from Arkham Origins

Square Enix has just delivered two new 10-inch figures right to our (currently ice-covered) doorstep, and boy, are we excited about these ones. (At least, we will be once our boogers de-frost.) This is the second wave of Play Arts Kai toys from the 2013 hit Batman: Arkham Origins. His vibrant green and violet ensemble complement his ghastly white skin and festering wound-colored lips, appropriately alluding to the psychopathic tendencies that lie within. Pointing a gun, presumably in the direction of Batman, the dark-minded criminal reminds us of what happens when an individual decides all hope for humanity is lost.

Generic, dystopian conclusions about the state of mankind aside, you need to cop this dude. Grab him ASAP because he’s coming for you — and we’ve got Robin, too!

Should I shoot Batman or nah?

Should I blow Batman to bits or nah?

DC releases first series of Son of Batman figures

The much-anticipated animated follow-up to Justice League: War was released this past spring, and now DC has another treat for us — the very first wave of Son of Batman collectible figures! Damian Wayne prepares himself to continue his father’s heroic legacy, and necessarily he encounters various obstacles and triumphs along the way. Now, you can bring his journey to life with these four figures.

Batman (pictured below), Deathstroke and Nightwing measure approximately six inches tall, and Robin is almost five inches tall. These guys come in classic blister packaging in the style of the DC Designer series. Snap them up so you can say you were among the first, because these guys could very well be coveted collectors’ prizes one day.

"Damian" sounds much more epic and dark than "Bruce", we have to admit.

“Damian” sounds much more epic and dark than “Bruce”, we have to admit.

Pint-sized punches of color: DC’s Li’l Gotham mini-figures

As a continuation of their awesomely adorable Li’l Gotham collection, DC and artist-writer Dustin Nguyen have decided to keep on riding the collaboration train! A creative imagination of beloved characters from DC Comics’ Li’l Gotham series, Li’l Gotham shows us a different way of looking at cherished champions of justice in Gotham City. We have three-inch versions of Robin (pictured below) and Harley Quinn, the latter of which comes with a baby Joker doll in one hand.

They’ll make innovative additions to your toy assemblage, or adorn your desk or nightstand with an extra punch of color. These guys would make awesome stocking stuffers, too! Grab yours and pick up some more for the DC mega-fans in your life.

Li'l Robin, the li'l sidekick to li'l crime-fighting efforts to dole out justice.

Li’l Robin, the li’l sidekick to li’l crime-fighting efforts to dole out justice.

Infamous, mystery-shrouded Red Hood gets its own imagining by Greg Capullo

Brand-new from the DC Comics Designer series as imagined by artist Greg Capullo is the perspicacious Red Hood! Known legendarily as the alias of various nemeses of Batman, the “Red Hood” is a metaphoric reminder of the divisive yet permeable line between good and evil in Gotham City. The Hood has represented the Joker, former Robin Jason Todd, and an amalgamation of antagonists known as the “Red Hood Gang”.

Own your own piece of the narrative with this six-inch figure. Without it, it’s impossible to represent the full spectrum of Batman’s foes and all of the forces he’s been compelled to overcome. Stake your claim on it now!

DC Designer by Greg Capullo is one of the leading Batman franchise figurine series.

“You can’t stop crime. That’s what you never understood. I’m controlling it.”

Damian Wayne as The New 52’s Robin will command attention with this colorful statue

DC Comics and manufacturers Kotobukiya have announced their collaboration in producing this dazzling 1/10 scale figurine. Part of the ArtFX series, this installment features the (at times both loveable and detestable) Damian Wayne, who trained under the mischievous League of Assassins before his game as Robin was tightened up by Batman (Dick Grayson). What’s unique about this guy is the colorful, shimmering detail and the commanding pose. Cocky and sure of himself, Robin’s positioned in a knuckle-thumping stance that oozes personality. He is 6 inches tall and comes in window box packaging, and will be here in March 2015.

Damian Wayne is the precocious, spunky Robin.

Damian Wayne is the precocious, spunky Robin.

The green-garbed companion to the classic 1966 Batman is coming this winter

Last year, NECA brought out Adam West’s character in the noteworthy 1966 to 1968 Batman TV show (and the 1966 film). Now, they’re following up with Robin just in time for the holidays. Coming as a 1/4 scale figurine and measuring a whopping 18 inches, this laudation of Burt Ward’s role as the “Classic Robin” is posed for greatness.

He comes with a fabric cape, six interchangeable hands, Batarang and communicator. The Boy Wonder leaps out again for new life in the 21st century. Snap him up and preorder for December!

Boy Wonder.

Boy Wonder.