Terminator 2: Judgment Day Figures – SERIES 3

Over at CmdStore.com, you can now check out our Terminator Trilogy figure collection from McFarlane (and Neca!)! We’ve got a new series of Terminator 2: Judgment Day figures available and ready to ship!

This is the 3rd series of T-2 figures Mc Farlane has released and features four figures that are sure to please fans of the film who can’t get enough of the variations on both Arnie’s T-800 and the liquid metal monster that is T-1000. Available as a set or as individual figures, each one is about 6 inches tall and features the highly-detailed sculpting and design that are McFarlane’s signature. Take a look!

T-800 Battle Across Time

T-800 Steel Mill

T-1000 Galleria Mall

T-1000 Pescadero Hospital

Set of all Four figures

Now, it’s all well and good to sit back and remember the good old days of Terminator, but it seems that most are not content with what recent years have to offer and are looking for more. Specifically, a recent poll has indicated that fans want to see more Arnold Schwarzenegger! Here’s the story from The Coventry Telegraph:

WITH California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in action movie The Expendables in August and leaving office in January, fans are eagerly anticipating the actor’s return to the big screen.

Among his iconic previous roles was Conan, now being relaunched with Jason Momoa playing the barbarian, and as Major Dutch Schaeffer in 1987’s Predator. A new film in that franchise – Predators, starring Adrien Brody – is out in cinemas today.

To coincide with the release of Predators, MovieTickets.com asked filmgoers which role they would like the original star of Predator to reprise when he leaves office.

More than 30,000 fans weighed in, and 39 percent want to see Arnold, now 62, back at the box office as the Terminator.

The rights to the sci-fi series were bought by Santa Barbara-based hedge fund Pacificor for $29.5million in February.

Later that month, Willian Wisher, who scripted the first two films, revealed he had put together story outlines for a fifth and sixth film and had written in Schwarzenegger’s return in the sixth movie.

These are tentative story ideas by Wisher, who was publicising them in the hope of being hired as the screenwriter for future Terminator instalments.

Here are the poll results in full:

Which role do you want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the original Predator, re-visit when he leaves office?

A) Terminator (The Terminator series) – 39%

B) Harry Tasker (True Lies) – 37%

C) Detective John Kimble (Kindergarten Cop) – 16%

D) Jack Slater (Last Action Hero) – 4%

E) Julius Benedict (Twins) – 4%

Total votes: 30,389

Hot Toys and Sideshow’s T-1000 as Sarah Conner figure

Hey, it’s Sarah Conner! Or…is it? This Hot Toys and Sideshow collaboration makes it a tough question to answer until you take a look at the accessories (and we will in just a minute). Looking every bit like Sarah, the T-1000 puts on a pretty good poker face in this figure and passes perfectly. But, of course, it’s tougher to keep that poker face when somebody goes and puts a bullet through your shape-shifting head (included!). It’s a figure made as an Asian exclusive by Hot Toys, but they were awesome enough to let Sideshow import a bunch to North America and Terminator fans should be pleased. Here’s a look at what this great new item is boasting…

* Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor disguised by T-1000 in the movie Terminator 2
* Newly sculpted head with movie-accurate facial expression, detailed wrinkles and skin texture
* Real fabric hair implantation in blonde long straight hair style
* Muscular rubber arm enhancing her forcefulness
* Detachable magnetic bullet holes at waist and on the back
* Approximately 28 cm tall
* 28 points of articulations
* Two pairs of interchangeable palms (one pair of relaxed palms; one pair for holding guns)
* Two extra right palms (one for holding knife and one for cigarette)
* Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
* Enhanced tactical load bearing vest with four magazine pouches
* Tank top
* Pants with tactical belt and pouches
* Combat Boots
* Another pair of metalic boots melted and attached to figure stand
* Wristband
* Cigarette
* Bonus accessory: additional metal-like T-1000 bullet damaged head
* Shotgun with folding stock
* Pistol
* Combat knife with leather-like sheath
* Newly developed and specially designed square-shaped figure stand with four extra triangles, which can be attached to the four sides of square to build a larger stand OR the four triangles can be put together to form another square-shaped stand OR the four triangles can be put together to form another square-shaped stand!

And if that’s not enough, be sure to check out our complete Terminator collection by Sideshow and Hot Toys!