Batman: The Animated Series gives us three new figures in Series 5

Batman collectors can amp up their excitement — you can now complete your Batman: The Animated Series six-inch figure collection with the addition of three new characters! The fifth wave is chock-full of awesome goodies. Re-live the Emmy-Award-winning show and bask in the ’90s nostalgia all at once!

We’ve got Batgirl (pictured below), Riddler and Batman. Each of them comes with show-specific accessories and a specially designed base. Their colorful aesthetic is true to the animated look you’ve seen time and time again on-screen. Grab yours before they’re all gone!

Batgirls just wanna have fun.

Batgirls just wanna have fun.

Clear your shelf for this classic 1966 Riddler bust

Was the legendary Batman television series one of your favorites growing up? Now you can own a tangible memory that leaps off the screen with this Riddler bust! DC Comics is introducing this six-inch-tall, boxed bust in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys. With this guy, sculpted by famed artist Jean St. Jean and designed by Barry Bradfield, Frank Gorshin’s role as the Riddler will now be remembered for all time.

The Riddler is fourth in a line of Diamond Select resin busts based on the show, and rightfully so — alongside the Joker as one of Batman’s chief nemeses, the Riddler can’t be ignored. Set atop a base constructed in homage to the show’s well-known opening animation, this unmasked Riddler is a must-cop for die-hard Batman fans.

Frighteningly happy.

Frighteningly happy.

Build-a-Bane: DC Universe Series 16

DC Universe Series 16 is here! Though we are still waiting on a shipment of Mercury and Classic Robin (Modern Robin’s already here), the rest of the figures are together and ready to go if you order individually. You’ll find The Riddler, The Creeper, Mercury, Jonah Hex, Modern Robin and Azrael Batman. You can also pre-order the complete set, Mercury or Classic Robin and we’ll be sure to get ’em out to you the moment they arrive.

Standing about 6 inches tall, each figure represents an iconic member of DC’s superhero/supervillain pantheon and makes a great find for any fan of the amazing universe the comic company has created. Plus, bring ’em all together and you can create a big, bad Bane! Truly awesome.

Batman 3 Official Title Announced: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

As a Bat-Fan, yesterday felt a little bit like Christmas coming early: for the first time in too long, we got some real news–direct from the source–about the next Batman movie from Christopher Nolan. I am beyond keen.

Here’s the news from The Times of India

Christopher Nolan has announced the title of the third instalment of his blockbuster Batman franchise – it will be called ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Neither will the film be in 3D format nor will iconic villain The Riddler fill in The Joker’s shoes in the third outing about the caped crusader’s efforts to keep Gotham city crime-free, Nolan said in an interview to Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be distributed by Warner Bros. The first movie was ‘Batman Begins’ that released in 2005, but it was part two – ‘The Dark Knight’ – that went on to gross over a billion dollars worldwide when released in 2008. It also fetched Australian actor Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his stupendous performance.

Nolan steers clear of the 3D technology that took Hollywood by storm after the success of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ as he wants to focus on the high definition cameras and IMAX technology.

The director, whose last outing ‘Inception’ created ripples worldwide, stated that the third Batman film will follow many of the same characters from the previous films as well as a few new ones.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is slated to be released July 20, 2012.

And so begins the countdown to a movie with a name! How I’ll get through the wait, I have no idea, but I suppose if I managed it the first time, I’ll manage it again. I’m almost sad that Inception already came and went because I could really use a bit of Nolan to tide me over.

And of course, since this is an action figure blog, I’ll also tide myself over with my three favourite Dark Knight items. They are…


There’s no denying that the Joker stole the show in The Dark Knight and it is thus no surprise that he’s probably the coolest figure around, too. Hot Toys, already known for some incredible work, really outdid themselves with this one. Seriously, looking at the face close-up, you can see the smears of makeup, the crazed glare in the eyes and the rushed dye-job slowly fading out. The detail is shocking and the accessories–which allow for some great customization and display–are just as good. This is one you’ll definitely want to snag.


Harvey Dent gets a place here because he is, hands-down, my favourite Batman villain. Divided between light and dark, good and evil, he represents in one man the entire struggle of the Dark Knight, but does so with the terrifying randomness of a flipped coin. As portrayed by Aaron Eckhart, he came to life in a way no one expected and his scenes were some of the most powerful in the film. This figure does a great job of capturing the likeness of the actor and the character. Just brilliant.


I chose to add this one even though it’s not really a display figure because it brings to mind one of the scenes that had the theatre cheering during the midnight showing. When the Batmobile/Tumbler is destroyed, we figured Batman would step out and leg it, but instead he pressed a few buttons and A MOTORCYCLE CAME OUT OF IT AND HE DROVE OFF ON THAT. The motorcyle was called the “Bat-Pod”, but pretty much everyone I know would just call it “AWESOME”.

DC Universe Classic Series 16

The upcoming 16th series of the DC Universe Classics figures is sure to be a hit when it at last arrives, but you can already pre-order this one to make sure you get your hands on the figures, whether individually or as a full set.

This collection includes two Robins (one a variant), Knightfall Batman, Jonah Hex, Mercury, Riddler (in the classic jumpsuit!) and The Creeper. Each one is 6 inches tall, looks absolutely brilliant and faithful to the character and, best of all, comes with a piece of the Series 16 Build-a-Figure, the Batman villain (last seen in the Secret Six) BANE.

This Mattel figure collection doesn’t have an official release date yet, but you can be sure that the moment we know, we’ll update. And don’t worry: you can still pre-order and no matter when these guys arrive, we’ll ship ’em right out!

The Detective Comics Box Set

A box set of five figures and a 64-page comic book anthology has now arrived from DC Direct.

The classic, retro Batman, Robin and Batgirl are joined by the mischievous Bat-Mite and the dastardly Riddler in this set, which hearkens back to a more innocent time and a fun version of Batman that is, today, rarely seen outside The Brave and the Bold. Each figure is about 6 inches tall (well, not Bat-Mite) and comes with a display stand, making the group a great add to your shelf.

And here’s the word from DC on the comic they’ve included in the set:
. The stories included in the special DETECTIVE COMICS CLASSICS book are “The Riddler’s Prison-Puzzle Problem!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #377, “Tall, Dark, Handsome – and Missing!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #384, “Hunt for the Helpless Hostage!” from DETECTIVE COMICS #385, “The Invader from Hell!” from BATMAN FAMILY #1, and “Bat-Mite” from WHO’S WHO: THE DEFINITE DIRECTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #2.

You can snag it here!