Get your dose of Spidey with the Marvel Legends Infinite Build-A-Figure Rhino series

With a combination of well-known Spider-Man figures and yet-to-be-released Marvel characters, this fourth wave of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite figures is a sight to behold. Whether you can’t wait for Scarlet Spider because the Clone saga is your cup of tea, or if you’re eagerly anticipating Superior Venom because you couldn’t get enough of that Superior storyline, we’ve got something here for you.

These seven new gals and guys will be the new centrepiece of your Marvel collection, especially considering that if you cop all of them, you can build the massive Rhino! You can purchase Ghost Rider, Kraven, Misty Knight, Scarlet Spider, Superior Venom, White Tiger and Chameleon separately, or better yet, take advantage of our package deal and save coin at the checkout.

Seven is the number of perfection, after all.

Seven is the number of perfection, after all.

Rhino Marvel Select Figure

Rhino Marvel Select Figure

Designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant! The Hulk. The Thing. The Abomination. The Juggernaut. DST’s oversized Marvel Select action figures have been dazzling collectors for years, and now they’re ready to do it again, with the Rhino! The leather-skinned Spider-Man foe stands over 8 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, and is ready to tear through your Marvel toy collection like tissue paper. Comes ready to display in oversized collector packaging.

The Rhino is sculpted in his trademark densely-textured rhino-hide costume, complete with recurved ramming-horns. Transcending inauspicious beginnings as a garden variety hired thug, the Rhino is the test subject for a leathery skin of armor which affixes permanently to its wearer and provides the wearer with vastly augmented strength and durability. The Rhino’s monstrous power enables him to battle the Hulk on near-equal terms, and his (Rhino’s) near-imperviousness is such that Spider-Man has no choice but to defeat the Rhino by outsmarting and outmaneuvering him.

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