Metal Gear Solid Snake Revoltech Figure

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.131 Snake

From Kaiyodo! One of the most recognized video game heroes of all time, Snake from Konami’s best-selling video game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, joins the Revoltech Yamaguchi series with a dynamic new action figure! Capable of multiple poses for creeping, crouching, or melee combat, Snake comes with multiple accessories and additional body parts for customization. The figure stands 5 1/2″ tall and comes with a display stand.

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.131 Snake FigureExpected Release Date:  Feb. 2014


Iron Man Mark VI Revoltech Figure

Iron Man Mark VI Revoltech Figure

As a huge fan of toys of different genres, I’d have to admit that the Revoltech series reciprocates the satisfaction that some of the other toy company gives me, and if not, surpasses them by a few miles.  It looks great in a box, but out of the box it offers some great duplication of Iron Man’s prominent pose. It offers many great scenes to copy with the interchangeable hands (repulser blast, fist, open palm for blasting pre blasting look, take off special effect, etc. etc.) and the best of all is the detail put into the toy to make it look like Iron Man in his Mark VI looks astonishing!

Needless to say, the toy won’t be your typical Target/Walmart/Toys R Us product that can be purchased for a more thrift price. The money one needs to fork out is rather demanding, but in my honest opinion, if you have the extra funds, it is well worth the penny and a great looking part for your 6 inch collection!

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Professor Layton ON ICE! And Professor Layton Revoltech figure!

I was a latecomer to the incredible Professor Layton franchise, only picking the first game up late last year, but I immediately fell in love with it. The music, the characters, the videos, the puzzles, everything. It’s a rare treat in a sea of games that too often seems too focused on either empty action or puzzles without a story behind them. I just started the sequel, The Diabolical Box, and am looking forward to the adventure that surely awaits.

Now, one of the things that comes with being a latecomer is a general ignorance to the fandom, which means that I was absolutely shocked to discover the sheer magnitude of the Japanese appreciation for this series. Movies! Soundtracks! Plush toys! Figures! Posters! Absolutely everything one could ever want. He even gets brought into the real world: here he is ice skating a little while back. In the words of the folks over at kotaku (where the video is located), “The puzzle here is to work out how a man with such an enormous head has the balance of a ballerina!”.

Of course, this is more or less a blog about action figures, so I’d best say what I came to say and that is that I am hoping and praying–desperately–that, come March, I am hoping to get my hands on one of these:

It’s a Professor Layton Revoltech figure! Featuring multiple heads and hands as well as props, he captures both of professor Layton’s moods: puzzled and cheerful (due to having gotten over his puzzlement).

I can’t wait!