The G.I. Joe 50th anniversary Eagle Edge Pack will march you right into September

This set is a reminder that good things come in threes — the Eagle Edge Pack comes with three figurines, each measuring 3.75 inches. General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy and Leatherneck have sniffed out Destro and are about to engage in a winner-takes-all struggle of honor and raging army prowess.

Hasbro is toasting to G.I. Joe’s 50th anniversary, and we count ourselves lucky for it! Each character comes tricked out in various battle accessories, with angular, assertive head sculpts that attest to manufacturing ingenuity. At a highly toothsome price for three full characters plus add-ons, how can one say no? Pre-order yours for September.



You’re not looking too shabby for 50 years old, Joe.

Jason (AKA Roy) from the Friday the 13th series chills bones with 1970s action-figure aesthetic

For the first time ever, the macabre Jason (AKA Roy) from the fifth installment of the Friday the 13th series is available to grace your collector’s stash. Like vintage 1970s toys, the 8-inch-tall Jason comes with tailored fabric clothing. He boasts weapons (cleaver, clippers and hunting mask), plus his blue-chevron mask, distinct to A New Beginning, can be removed and put back on.

It’s taken almost 30 years to bring the gruesome slasher to toy-life, but we’ve finally got him!



The Munsters : Eddie and Marilyn

Talk about your throwbacks! Eddie and Marilyn come direct from 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

A Diamond Select release sculpted by Jean St. Jean, these figures are part of a new series that was voted “Best New License of 2012”. Based on the hit (and later cult classic) The Munsters, Eddie and Marilyn were the youngest of the family and come here as a pair, packaged with accessories including a massive collar for the largely unseen SPOT.

Mortal Kombat – RETRO NINJA 4-PACK

Scorpion (yellow), Sub-Zero (blue), Smoke (grey) and Reptile (green) began their video game careers as mods of the same model and this figure 4-pack from Jazwares isn’t afraid to embrace those humble beginnings. Featuring some alternate heads for Scorpion and Reptile, the figures are about 6 inches tall and feature enough articulation to set up some brutal battles on your display shelf. It’s a cool tribute to video game days gone by.

Batman Legacy Previews and Pre-Orders

Check these out! They’re the prototypes for a new series of BATMAN LEGACY figures you can now pre-order!

First Appearance Batman and Catwoman join Arkham City Nightwing and Harley Quinn in the upcoming Series 3. They all look fantastic, the sculpting style and detailing perfectly suited for each character an their respective era. Whether you want something brand new or you’d rather take a trip down memory lane, the Batman Legacy collection’s got something for everyone. These guys will be joining the likes of Mr. Freeze, The Joker and Catman in what has been and will continue to be a pretty amazing figure line.

Masters of the Universe: GRIZZLOR

GRIZZLOR arrives as the latest addition to our MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE collection. I think I could probably write a whole series of articles in which I go on and on about how little I know about Masters of the Universe. I could even include my own write-ups where I desperately seek to explain my own misconceptions about the characters, trying to tell a story based on their appearances alone.

Fortunately, I’m going to spare you that and just get the text straight from the folks at Mattel:

With utter and total mindlessness, this brutal beast has a single mission: to defend his beloved Horde Empire against the good that is Eternia! As an homage to the original, Grizzlor is protected by “fur” that feels just like the vintage figure, plus a breast plate, classic-style green crossbow, axe, machete, sword, and a removable loin cloth. Underneath the fur exterior is a fully-articulated figure sculpted in fearsome detail by The Four Horsemen.

Originally a peaceful creature from the planet Jungulia, at the young age of 428 Gur’rull was kidnapped by the Horde Empire who erased his memories so he would serve loyally in their armies. Renamed “Grizzlor” he traveled with Hec-Tor Kur to Eternia in search of He-Ro. His ferocious attacks were so frightening that even after being banished to Despondos along with his master, Grizzlor’s legend lived on, becoming a myth told to young Eternian children. Prison Guard for the Horde, Grizzlor is ready to unleash his fierce claws to attack the forces of Eternia!


The DC Origins collection is an awesome one not only because it features some very good-looking, well-sculpted figures, but because it brings together a bit of nostalgia with that modern edge, uniting the latest incarnations of superheroes and supervillains with themselves as they were many, many years before in their first appearances. Series 1 brought us Batman, the Joker, Catwoman and Nightwing and they looked very, very cool, so fans of that group will be pleased to see who’s arrived as part of the second series…


Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash are immortalized in these eight figures, sold in 2-figure sets. The contrasts between new and old are striking, sure to be at the center of discussion when we wonder which costume is truly superior (personally, I think Nightwing upgraded whereas the Green Lantern might actually be slightly cooler in his original and recurring Alan Scott form). You can get all eight figures in a complete set or just order each pack by itself, if you’re after that one beloved character!