The Exclusive KYLE RAYNER GREEN LANTERN Retro-Action Doll Figure is more than just a mouthful–he’s a fantastic addition to the nostalgic line of toys.

The plush stands about 8 inches tall and features a plastic mask and a nice little bonus in the form of a lantern battery–after all, you wouldn’t want him to be without a power source, right? You never know!

It comes in vintage-style packaging that makes it ideal for display!

Green Lantern John Stewart Retro-Action Doll Figure!

Besides being a mouthful, the Green Lantern John Stewart Retro-Action Doll Figure is an awesome throwback to a simpler time of Superfriends. Check this out!

A marine and member of the Green Lantern Honour Guard, Justice Leaguer JOHN STEWART finally gets his retro-action due. He’s 8-inches tall and features a removable uniform, plus his power battery.

This is an exclusive Matty Collector figure, so if you’re the type who seeks something truly special and likes something a little rarer for their collection, don’t miss this one!

TWO New Green Lantern Retro Doll Figures!

Two new Green Lantern Retro-Action Doll Figures are coming your way! One is already in-stock and the other is pre-orderable so that you can make absolutely sure to get your hands on one of the most valuable members of the Corps. But first…

Guy Gardner–the red-headed bowl-cut beefcake of the Green Lantern Coprs is the first one up. Sporting his signature vest, he stands about 8 inches tall and is part of a Green Lantern Retro Action line that also includes Sinestro, Kyle Rayner and the upcoming pre-order…

John Stewart! The third of the four exclusives featuring a separate power battery within the vintage-style packaging, he looks just fantastic and makes a great addition to any Green Lantern fan’s collection!

You can check out the rest of the retro collection right here!

Green Lantern Retro-Dolls: SINESTRO

Mark Strong takes on the role of Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern feature film and it’s some inspired casting that only seems confirmed in its awesomeness by the above trailer.

And, of course, with the coming of the highly-anticipated movie, there’s bound to be a fresh wave of new merchandise, including a great line of movie-themed action figures–not to mention some great figures based on the recent comic arc, Blackest Night.

But we’ve also got a special line that’s come out recently and it’s a throw-back to yesteryear and a glimpse into figures of a simpler time: the Retro-Action DC Heroes quasi-plush line. Check them out here or see our latest addition, the villainous Sinestro, right here: