“Fall of the Hulk” Hulk statue from Kotobukiya is a Marvel Universe icon

Hulk fans are going to rage over this awesome new release from trusted Japanese toymakers Kotobukiya. Check out this 13-inch, 1/6-scale Fine Art statue based on the iconic “Fall of the Hulk” storyline! We’ve seen the Hulk battle it out with various foes in a variety of settings over the years, blazing through narrative after narrative that makes for delightfully dizzying entertainment. Now, you can hone in on this one epic era in the Marvel Comics world and bring the story to your very own home!

Celebrate Bruce Banner’s alter ego rendered with the dynamic art of Ed McGuinness, with sculpting credits going to master artist Erick Sosa of the Kotobukiya “Kreative 3” team. Best of all, this Hulk’s base connects to that of the Red Hulk statue so you can recreate all of the battle scenes you want!

Green is the warmest color.

Green is the warmest color.

Tremendously fierce! Gargantuan Red Hulk statue by Marvel and Sideshow

Marvel’s Red Hulk AKA General Thaddeus Ross was transformed into the wrathful Red Hulk as a cause of the deluded and violent infatuation he had with the Hulk. It’s a true case of being right in one’s enemy’s shoes — er, ripped trousers — and here, Sideshow has immortalized it in gorgeous polyresin premium format. Standing tall at 20 inches, this Red Hulk is on one bended knee and holds one tightly clenched fist at his side, ready to engage in altercation with whoever or whatever dares cross his fiery path. The former general’s other hand is open with the sheer force contained within his torchlike arms.

If you’re a real Rulkhead, you need to pre-order this statue for its craftsmanship finesse and pop-culture historical value. It will be available for shipping this September. Just take care not to get in the way of Thunderbolt Ross’s raging path!


[insert raging, Rulkish roar here]


It’s a shame Christmas is over, because the traditional colours have arrived–albeit, in Hulk form. After flying off the shelves in the first run, these Marvel Select figures are back and possibly better than ever, which is all the more impressive when you realise they’re exactly the same ones. They stand about 10 inches tall, which put them into accurate scale with the rest of the figures from the collection. Each one comes with a stony base, showing off the strength (or just the density) of the Red/Green behemoth.