Fewdio: Short Films, Big Scares

In a time when horror microfiction from places like Creepypasta.com, Ichor Falls and The Josef K. Stories is getting more and more popular (giving birth to such awesome places as the recent Livejournal Spotlight ONTD Creepy), it’s not surprising that more and more well-made shorts have been making it onto youtube and beyond. Take, No Through Road for example, an amateur horror short about a group of teens on a doomed ride home. Or this other mockumentary short by a very talented amateur effects artist, showcasing a supposed “Demon Attack”. Yep, horror is back in a…well, small way: tired of the same old thing Hollywood’s carting out, the little guy is fighting back.

And perhaps none so effectively as the guys at Fewdio.com. A talented team of seven men brings to life some of the best urban horror out there today. Sure, there are a couple that definitely lean in the cheesy direction and they do throw in a screamer or two, but for ambient, creeping dread, you’ll find few groups who do it better. The 3-15 minute movies are an ideal format that allows the Fewdio folks to explore dozens of different ideas. Check out their website.

Here’s a sample of what you might find. Click to visit their youtube channel!

Truly Terrible Knock-offs…

We at CmdStore only deal in licensed products and in making sure that our customers only get the best products they’re looking for. There are a lot of cheats and knock-offs out there and we make sure that we don’t emulate them. It probably helps, of course, that we’re geeks ourselves and thus want nothing to do with cheap imitations.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t occasionally enjoy a rip-off. Because I recently saw some videos over on Youtube that are absolutely terrible and very much unlicensed but also hilarious. They’re cheap Brazilian knock-offs of real Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks films: the aim is to rush the movie into production so that it hits theatres before its quality counterpart. They usually just base the plots of the films on the trailers for the real ones, so you never know what to expect.