HALO: 10th Anniversary Collection

It’s hard to even think about it, but it’s been a whopping 10 years since the Halo franchise was launched.

To celebrate an entire decade of Halo awesomeness, McFarlane is releasing a line of awesome toys based on that first game.

The figures come with awesome accessories and additions, like Master Chief’s impressive weapon collection or Cortana’s light-up base. At 5 inches tall, they also feature a unique, angular design that defintitely brings to mind the look they sported in that original game. For fans new and old, this is a line you won’t want to miss.

You can also snag the Fearless Leaders 3-Pack featuring Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, Sergeant John Forge and Noble Team’s Carter.

Green Master Chief Bust Bank

Who better to watch over your change than HALO’s Master Chief?

The Master Chief Bust Bank captures the awesomeness of the Halo hero and gives him a break from fighting the good fight, allowing him to rest on your shelf and keep a close eye on your spare change. A Diamond Select PVC piece, it’s brilliantly-sculpted, features some really impressive detailing on the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI and really does the games justice. UNSC approved!

HALO REACH: New Figures Have Arrived!

Halo fans can now snag the newly-arrived HALO REACH 6-inch action figures over at CmdStore! Though the vehicle section reminds on pre-order, we’ve just gotten a shipment of the character figures, both in one- and two-packs–all of which can be purchased individually or in sets of the entire series. Here’s a look at what you’ll see in each one!

Noble 6 with Assault Rifle
Jorge with Jorge’s Machine Gun
Emile with Shotgun, Knife
Spartan with Assault Rifle
Elite with Needler
Grunt with Plasma Pistol

Spartan 2-pack: two customized Spartan Soldiers in classic red & blue team colors
UNSC Trooper 2-pack: two UNSC troopers in a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ version
Noble 6 & Elite 2-pack: features a unique version of both – ONLY available in this set