Three Upcoming Resident Evil Figures

Action figures have improved dramatically over the years, going from simple, 3-inch toys that only vaguely resembled who they were supposed to be to fully-articulated, highly-detailed mini-sculptures of everything from real-life baseball players to mythical creatures to superheroes. But even in the modern age, certain little details can still get lost, subtle things like tears in clothing, birthmarks and hairstyles. There’s one new figure on its way though, that I have to really congratulate for getting it right. It’s The Hunter from Resident Evil Archives and it features drool:

Loving it. He’s part of the second series of Resident Evil Archives toys, flanked by a Labcoat Zombie and Jill Valentine in this grouping and following Chris Redfield, Zombie with Dock and a creepy creature known only as a Licker.

You can check out the whole line of figures over in our Resident Evil section over at

Resident Evil: Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar Figures

At a 1:6 scale, the new arrivals to our Resident Evil section are not only impressive in size, but in the level of detail included in the sculpting, the weapons and the clothing. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5 are the latest additions to Hot Toys and Sideshow’s collection of 12” RE figures. And they are gorgeous. Not that it’s hard to make good-looking figures out of two zombie hunters blessed with video-game-perfect bone structure. Here’s a look at Sheva…

Here’s the official list from the folks at Hot Toys…

The Sheva Alomar 12 inch Figure features:

* Hot Toys 1/6 scale female body with over 30 points of articulation, featuring Sheva’s signature tattoo
* Jeans
* Vest
* Faux-leather boots
* Earrings
* Necklace
* Armbands
* Knife
* Handgun/M92F
* Machine-Gun/VZ61
* Machine-Gun/AK-74
* Shotgun/M3
* Riffle/H&K PSG-1
* Magnum/S&W M29
* Hand Grenade
* Shotgun/Ithaca M37
* Ammo Pack / Handgun
* Ammo Pack / Machine-Gun
* Headset
* Radio
* Three interchangeable posing hands with gloves
* 12-inch figure stand with the Bio Hazard 5 logo and Sheva Alomar nameplate”

Naturally, Chris comes with everything he requires, which is essentially the same supply as Sheva with differences in the weaponry (it helps to diversify when your enemies are as varied as the beasts roaming Africa in RE5). He looks as handsome as Sheva does beautiful, but what I really appreciate is the strength in both characters. Though there’s still a ways to go, I’d say that video games are definitely better than films in representing the fact that good looks are not enough and that it’s necessary to make characters believable as action heroes if they’re going to do the dirty work.