Three new DC Designer Series Teen Titans additions

Teen Titans fans are in for something special. Take a look at the DC Designer Series Teen Titans Earth One Cyborg, a new six-inch offering by the creative Terry Dodson. The partially-human hero Victor Stone has been a staple of the DC Universe since 1980.

An essential component of the comic-book world, he received a reboot with the Justice League in 2011, and now he’s here in a brand-new format to spiff up your collection. We’ve also got six-inch versions of Beast Boy and Raven, too, so the whole gang’s here. Click “Shop Now” to get yours in time for the holidays!


DC’S “Raven” Two Ways

White or Black? Light or Dark? Angel or Demon? You don’t have to decide, because you can grab both versions of the Teen Titans’ RAVEN right here! Take a look and snag one or both of these brand new Ame-Comi figures!

Designed by Jim Fletcher and sculpted by Sam Greenwell, these 9-inch PVC statues are stunners, capturing a character who too rarely gets her action figure due. Grab ’em now!

Ame-Comi’s RAVEN : Angel or Demon?

TWO new Ame-Comi figures of the TEEN TITANS’ RAVEN are headed your way and can be pre-ordered now!

Raven has always been trapped between Good and Evil and both sides are represented in the new released from Ame-Comi. In the first, she is an Angel’s daugher bathed in white and blue and in the second, her darker nature showcases her in blood red and endless black. Both are stunning renderings of the character and if you’re a fan, you’ll definitely want to pre-order one or both of them to get your hands on the 9-inch statues when they ship out in April. Take a look!




DC UNIVERSE SERIES 15 has now arrived an is in-stock and ready to be ordered! The smoothly-sculpted and brilliantly-designed 7-inch figures look as great as their predecessors and add some highly-sought-after characters to the DC Universe line-up. Available individually or in complete sets (with your choice of character variants), look for the following heroes and villains heading your way–with Build-a-Figure parts, of course!
– Jemm
– Omac
– Batman (Sinestro Corps)
– Golden Pharaoh
– Raven (Fan’s Choice)
– Starman Vintage Version
– Starman Modern Version
– Martian Manhunter Regular Head Version
– Martian Manhunter Alien Head Version

NEW Ame-Comi Figures: MERA and RAVEN

Sweeping shadows in black and midnight blue, post-punk pretty Raven keeps her emotions in check so the dark magic of her heritage doesn’t devour her whole. Caped in swirling dark waves, this gloomcookie’s cloak of night locks in screaming lost souls, bats and beasts and terrors with teeth – including monster dad, the demon Trigon.

RAVEN and MERA are the latest pre-orderable figures to join DC’s AME-COMI PVC Statue Collection and they look great doing it. Both figures are about 10 inches tall and will be shipping in May 2011, but can be pre-ordered now to guarantee that you get yours!

The Queen of Atlantis shimmers in scales of sea green and gold. Reflecting on her underwater life, the Star of the Seven Seas hefts her trident and rides the tides. Taming the tempest, Mera dives into the depths for her next adventure.

And by the way… If you’re interested in more of DC’s women, maybe you’d like to check out the blog DC Women Kicking Ass! and their ongoing DC Women competition, October Madness, where you can vote on who will win in a given match-up!