Sideshow’s Daredevil vs. Punisher

Though their styles couldn’t be more different, Marvel’s Punisher and Daredevil appear equally matched in this 18-inch statue from Sideshow Toys. One does wonder how many of the Marvel Universe’s heroes are going to have to fight it out before they remember that they’re essentially on the same side, but I suppose that one also never can tell just what side a hero like Frank Castle is really on. Good intentions or not, it’s hard to ignore the skull t-shirt when it’s paired with some of the biggest, baddest guns comics have ever seen.

Weighing in at 12lbs and cast in polystone, it’s a handpainted masterpiece, featuring a grand example of the kind of work the Sideshow sculptors can do and capturing Marvel’s signature brand of high-powered face-offs between heroes and villains alike–hopefully these two will sort it out. This statue is a pre-order right now, meaning that while it only ships in the 2nd quarter of this year, you can already place your order to make sure you get your hands on it ASAP! A good choice for Marvel collectors who want to fill that shelf space.

Buuuut, if you absolutely can’t wait to get your Punisher fix, how about you check this one out? It’s another rendering from the same brilliant design studio, but it’s already arrived and is in-stock, ready for you to take home!

A larger statue of a much larger Punisher, this 20-inch Sideshow sculpture captures Marvel’s most unflinching anti-hero in a classic pose, ready for whatever comes his way and bearing the arms (both kinds) to take it on.

Spotlight Figure: Camo Punisher Nemesis Marvel Legends

Punisher War Zone Teaser Movie Poster

One of my favorite Marvel Legend figure is from the recent Wal-Mart Exclusive Nemesis Series: Camo Punisher.  He looks like one tough cookie (well, maybe cookie is not the right word).  With a name like Frank Castle (A.K.A. The Punisher)….Cookie is definitely not the word that comes to mind!  Check out that big-ass weapon…whoop!

Camo Punisher Figure

While surfing around I came across a really cool  site with pictures of  toys in action poses.   Check out the site at:

Camo Punisher in Jungle Photo

X-Men Origins: Wolverine and…Deadpool?

When fans of the X-Men film franchise (those who hadn’t yet downloaded the film’s leaked workprint) first saw the movie Deadpool action figure, it’s safe to say that there were very few people pleased about this:

(image from ToyFare) I’ve never been the type to cry foul when Hollywood has to make changes to comic canon (sometimes things have to be done to translate this stuff for a wider audience), but this (and what we see int he film) does seem like they went a little far. Despite some vague efforts to get the eye patterns to resemble the Deadpool we know and love, fans of the wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking one-man army (who, by the way, has no problem speaking) are going to have to wait for a new Marvel movie to get a treatment of the hero who seems to have been inspired by Hellboy’s Karl Kroenen or a toothless version of Moral Kombat’s Baraka. Which is either a plus or a shame, because Ryan Reynolds does seem like he could have carried off a far more comic-accurate version of the character. But we’re here to talk about figures, so here’s a look at the complete collection of Wolverine Origins items we’ve not got in stock. It includes Wolverine in his high-tech skivvies as Weapon-X and the Baraka-style Deadpool. Fortunately, it also includes the classic Deadpool, Wolvering AND Gambit for purists.

And hey, for anybody still needing that Deadpool fix without the dreaded “Origins” tag, we’ve got you covered in two ways. First, there’s the Marvel Legends Series 6 Deadpool, which comes with a full-length comic and an alternate head that actually manages to look pretty compared to that of his latest incarnation.

The above Marvel Legends Deadpool is a pricey piece, and definitely one for collectors, but the next item is very much “for all”: the Superhero Squad Deadpool and Punisher. Two characters very much unused to being adorable, they pull it off nicely in this 2-figure set from Hasbro. Of course, there’s nothing Hollywood likes like a sequel. So who knows what’s next for our beloved Wade Wilson? You never know: maybe next time they’ll get it right.