Marvel Universe 2011 – Wave 6

Iron Fist (redeco), Psylocke, Storm, Patriot, Thunder Age Thor and Shadowland Daredevil make up the sixth wave of Marvel Universe’s 2011 line of 3.75-inch figures. As per usual, you can get these guys individually or as a complete set if you’re a collector. This series has an especially awesome look, as a kind of metallic sheen makes the outfits stand out all the more.

These guys are currently available for pre-order, but you don’t need to worry about the wait– they’re coming out later this month!

BAMF! The New Nightcrawler Statue from Sideshow

The newly-arrived NIGHTCRALWER statue is yet another impressive offering from the sculpting and design wizards at Sideshow Collectibles. The teleporting mutant stands about 19 inches tall as he BAMFs into view on a curling pink cloud of smoke and makes a brilliant addition to any Marvel fan’s display shelf.

But there’s more for X-Men fans! Check this one out:

PSYLOCKE is an impressive 17 inches tall as she reclines with a sheathed blade, looking cool and confident in her classic costume. Based on the work of Mark Brooks (whose print is included with the piece), it’s another proud entry into Sideshow’s incredibly Marvel collection.

X-Men Danger Room Sessions: PSYLOCKE 12-Inch Figure

The beautiful Psylocke finishes off a Sentinel in a Danger Room test run in this new KOTOBUKIYA statue. The Japanese company is widely-recognised for its highly-detailed sculptures and the great licenses they manage to acquire.

X-Men's Psylocke in the Danger Room

X-Men Danger Room Sessions: Psylocke stands at about 12-inches tall and the ninja herself is designed to be at about a 1:6 scale. Sculpted by the talented Erick Sosa, it’s a deluxe item that features built-in LEDs that illuminate the scene from below, giving it a striking and dramatic feel.

This awesome statue comes out March 2011, but you can already pre-order this figure now!


Sideshow’s new Scarlet Witch comiquette, based on the art of Mark Brooks is the latest addition to our Marvel Sideshow collection. Coming in at a whopping 17.5 inches, the figure is a beautiful rendering of yet another of Marvel’s gorgeous super-powered women. Scarlet Witch looks incredible wearing her classic red (well, scarlet) costume over dangerous curves cast in high-quality polystone. A playful element is added as she toys with a remote, controlling a miniature remote-controlled Vision, her android beloved.

Another comiquette that might interest X-Men fans is the upcoming 17-inch Pyslocke, shipping in the 4th quarter of this year and pre-orderable now!

Psylocke: The 17-inch Sideshow Comiquette

Betsy Braddock, a telekinetic and telepathic mutant better known as X-Men’s Psylocke joins Sideshow’s comiquette line in this stunning 17-inch figure. She leans casually with her blade sheathed, but her expression reveals a bold alertness in her gaze. Not sure if she’s dressed for the cold, mind you, but I have a feeling that customers won’t mind when they order this item.

A truly beautifully-sculpted piece, Psylocke is available for pre-order now and will be shipping in the fourth quarter of this year.