New Killzone Figures! Pre-Orders from DC Direct

It is the year 2357 and, after years of fighting, the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) sends its fleet to Helghan, the home planet of its bitter enemy – the Helghast. In a daring bid to defeat them and remove their tyrannical leader, ISA troopers begin their assault on Helghan, a world as brutal and merciless as the Helghast themselves.

Well on their way to becoming the go-to guys for video game merchandising, DC Direct is releasing a pair of great-looking Killzone figures in January 2011, celebrating both Playstation 2’s original game and the PS3’s sequel, Killzone 2.

There are two figures in the series: the Helghast Assault Infantry and the Helghast Sniper, each standing about 6 inches tall and featuring some great sculpting and paint work that brings the grim aesthetic and glowing eyes to eerie life. They come with game-accurate weapons and make a great addition to the toy shelf of any gamer.

– Killzone series 1: Set of 2 figures
– Helghast Assault Infantry 6-inch figure
– Helghast Sniper 6-inch figure

If you’re a fan of the games, too, but haven’t snagged one or both of them for yourself, here are the links where you can pick up both:

Killzone 1 for Playstation 2

Killzone 2 for Playstation 3

Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth Action Figure

The Joker might corner the market on Evil Clowns, but it isn’t a monopoly. From Stephen King’s Pennywise to Are You Afraid of the Dark’s Zeebo, the painted, grinning faces have been scaring (and thrilling) audiences for years. But if you were a gamer in the 90s, then you might add another to that list: Twisted Metal’s most popular character, Sweet Tooth.

His flaming clown head burning on the cover of every entry to the Twisted Metal franchise, he was one of the emblems that would come to represent the rise of Sony’s Playstation.

And now, finally, he is brought to life in the real world by the folks at DC Direct–and with their expertise both in figured and the evil clown subject matter, it’s sure to be a stunning piece. You can already pre-order the 6-inch figure now, though it ships in August 2010! ‘Til then, book mark this page for updates!

The PS2 Price Drop and Video Game Figures

Maybe it’s the recession, maybe it’s market saturation or maybe it’s time to draw in the casual gamers, but Sony has lowered the price of its 2000 system, the Playstation 2, to $99.99 USD, with similar drops reflected internationally.

While the most gamers have long moved on to the PS3, the XBox 360 and the Wii (for more casual play), this move is sure to bring some new more experimental video game fans to the older PS2 system, which may have aged but still boasts a library of over 1900 games. So if you’re a casual gan, there’s never been a better time to dive right in and for the more hard-core crowd, look out for new competitors: the PS2 drop is almost sure to increase sales of the PS3 once the uninitiated get started.

In other video game news, we’ve recently listed some new video game figures over at our online store, both for ordering and for pre-order! We already covered the Resident Evil 5 figures in a previous post, sere are a couple samples of what elsewe’ve acquired!


We’ve got the Nathan Hale, Steelhead, Ravager and Chimera Advanced Hybrid figures available for pre-order now, based on the Playstation 3 game, Resistance: Fall of Man. These guys only ship at the end of the summer (scheduled to roll out in September), but if you’re a fan, you can make sure you get yours right on time by snagging them in advance.


The third and latest series of Gears of War action figures has arrived, including a COG Solider, a Locust Drone Cyclops, a Locust Drone Grappler and the hero Marcus Fenix. NECA has outdone themselves once again in terms of detail and painting and fans of the game will not be disappointed.

HALO 5-INCH SERIES 4: Equipment Edition

This new collection of toys includes Master Chief in yet another McFarlane incarnation, two Spartan Soldiers, a Combat Elite and an Arbiter, adding to the already massive Halo collection. This series, however, is unique for its inclusion of extra equipment, making for a more game-accurate figure for anyone who’s loved the games and the toys.