Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class rolls out its third wave

The long-awaited cluster of mighty Protectobots is finally here. Next up in the highly lauded Transformers Generations Combiner Wars collection from Hasbro is wave three of the Deluxe Class, including Streetwise, Rook, First Aid and Blades. This skilled team of rescue and emergency workers are dedicated to protecting humans from harm, so they definitely deserve a place in the spotlight!

Each of these four figures comes with an exclusive comic book, and you can put them together to build the great robot Defensor, who shares the crew’s ideal of protecting humanity. Grab all four together to take advantage of our package price and ensure that your Transformers collection remains complete and up-to-date.

Squad goals.

Squad goals.

Hot Spot, next up in Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager class

Make room in your Transformers collection for Hot Spot, the Autobot Protectobot who takes the lead in any high-stakes situation to ensure victory for his sect. An instinctual warrior full of energy that simultaneously exhausts and inspires his co-soldiers, Hot Spot definitely lives up to his name. Combining with other Protectobots to form Defensor, he’s versatile and invaluable on the battlefield.

Now, Hasbro brings us another installment in their Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Series to round out the third wave of the Voyager class. Own Hot Spot rendered in eight inches, in aesthetically pleasing window box packaging perfect for display or to tear into and experience for yourself.

Drop It Like It's Hot Spot.

Drop It Like It’s Hot Spot.