Transform your collection with the Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice

Your morning OJ ritual is about to get that much more magical. Here’s the Proplica Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice, an authentic prop replica straight from Tamashii Nations. Replicated in the likeness of the grail that Sailor Moon used to transform into Super Sailor Moon in the popular anime, this Rainbow Moon Chalice is the real deal.

The chalice plays the transformation melody as well as many other sounds, including an homage to the original toy. Open the top and you will find the crystal inside lights up in various colors. Click on the image below and grab yours today!


Sailor Moon fans need this genuine Cutie Moon Rod prop replica!

The power of the Sailor Scouts compels you to add this new Cutie Moon Rod to your collection! Tamashii Nations has crafted this 17-inch real prop replica just for the most die-hard and devoted fans of the fiercely adorable anime series. It’s only the second addition to the designer Proplica line, made especially to pay homage to the gorgeous accoutrements that assisted the Scouts in all of their good-doing and solar-system-saving.

The Moon Rod has already stood the test of time, coming out 20 years after its first appearance in the series. It’s made of both clear crystal plastic and metallic parts to give it the ultimate dynamic sheen, and pre-recorded phrases and effects add the dimension of sound to this unforgettable toy. Strike like you’re right in the middle of the¬†Moon Princess Halation¬†drama with the realistic LED lights and crown jewel colors that the Moon Rod boasts. More than just cute, the Moon Rod is badass and indispensable. Snap it up right now!

Harness the power of the planets.

Harness the power of the planets.

Enchant the galaxies and destroy evil with the Cutie Moon Rod

Tamashii Nations conceived of their Proplica series as a high-end line created to pay homage to legendary on-screen offerings in the form of realistic prop renderings. Appropriately enough, Proplica (a fusion of “prop” and “replica”) achieved success with their light-up Moon Stick, and for their second big hit, they’ve come up with a gorgeous remake of the Cutie Moon Rod.

Fashioned from a combination of metal and durable plastic, the Moon Rod lives 20 years after its original imagination. The multicolored, sparkling crown jewel at the top LED lights trickling down along the side recall the Moon Princess Halation attack and other scenes from the renowned anime. The Moon Rod measures over 17 inches in length and can play sound effects and catchphrases from the series. A display inspired by the Moon Castle finishes off this amazing display toy. It’s necessary for the hardcore Sailor Moon aficionado or aficionada. Preorder it now for January shipping.

Second in high-end Proplica series, this Moon Stick is about to shower the Solar System in the light of cuteness and love.

Second in high-end Proplica series, this Moon Rod is about to shower the Solar System in the light of cuteness and love.