Jungle Hunter Predator from NECA comes in detailed 1/4 scale

More Predator radness is about to revolutionize your life. NECA brings us the Jungle Hunter Predator, a 1/4-scale offering that will help you re-imagine all your favorite scenes from the movie. He stands 18 inches tall and comes straight out of 1987, that memorable year the now-classic movie was released.

Back in production for the first time in a very long time, he now includes LED lights in the mask’s targeting system and in the wrist computer, which flips open. Grab this updated version of a fan favorite now by clicking the image below.


He’s one ugly money-saver: Predator Unmasked piggy bank now on CmdStore.com

Some may say that this is a face only a mother could love, but we adore him all the same. Here is the Predator Unmasked piggy bank, another fantastic offering from Diamond Select Toys. This bust measures in at seven inches tall and will be a delightfully gruesome addition to your shelf space.

He’s captured in his rawest state, protective and at the ready to defend at all costs. With his mandibles out and shoulder cannon positioned, he’ll make sure no one dips their sticky fingers into your spare change stash! Insert coins and remove them via a hidden access door on the base. The grimacing design by Eli Livingston makes this bust collectible-grade.

Would swipe right.

Would swipe right.

Jump in your 16-bit time machine to the ’90s with this NECA Sega Genesis Predator

Channel all of that side-scroll goodness with this new offering from NECA — this new Sega Genesis Predator 2 16-bit figure. Arena Entertainment’s 1991 release has gone down in video-gaming history as a classic and seminal work of the gaming canon. Re-visit those fond childhood memories of hunting down enemies and rescuing hostages, recalling the epic battle between you, the Predator and the Elder (if you were skilled enough to get that far, of course!)

This figure stands seven inches tall and comes beautifully packaged in NECA nostalgia style. The box’s design itself will make it irresistible — you’ll just have to show it off. Order the Predator now!

Somebody come get him. He's fighting with the Elder.

Somebody come get him. He’s fighting with the Elder.

Leap into the silver screen with the Play Arts Kai movie Predator

A totally novel type of space invader, the Predator was a dynamic synthesis of a primitive culture and supermortal intellectual capabilities. Here, Square Enix and Play Arts Kai laud the incredible power of the creature with this original movie Predator figure. Organic detail and a metallic-sheen paint job make this guy stand out. Rendered in eight-inch form, an interchangeable face piece and helmet are just two of the features that highlight this figure.

The ruthless hunter that hightailed it behind “Dutch” Schaefer and his crew through the jungle of South America gets a gorgeous look with this artistic re-imagination. Translucent parts and a “skull” acquired as a spoil of the hunt also complement the movie Predator.

Everyday I'm huntin'.

Everyday I’m huntin’.

NECA and Dark Horse set to release a birthday tribute to the Predator comic

It’s awesome that this legendary sci-fi action film is still being celebrated in action-figure form almost 30 years after it premiered! This figure will be a seven-inch re-paint of the NECA Classic Predator mold. It’s re-done to look like the Predator seen in Dark Horse’s Predator #1, in honor of the comic’s 25th anniversary. Since this is fresh news, we don’t have a definitive release date, but we can tell you that it’ll be out sometime this year and you will be the first to know!

This figure will come boxed, featuring stunning artwork in vibrant blue and sunset shading. The design is super unique, and collectors who like to keep their figures boxed for preservation will find this one perfect to display. Pre-order now to make sure you’ve got it in the bag!

It's okay, pal. We've all tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues and failed.

It’s okay, pal. We’ve all tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues and failed.

Four new Predator figures from NECA as a teaser for the original film remake!

John McTiernan’s mythological 1987 sci-fi action film Predator sees an elite special forces team being hunted down by a race of otherworldly extraterrestrials in Central America. Initially eschewed by highbrow critics because of its “simplistic” plot, it’s since been revered, become a cult classic and appeared on numerous significant “best-of” lists. And, as no small feat, it has spawned an entire film franchise and two crossover Alien series movies. We like to think of it as the little sci-fi film that could, kind of like the cinematic version of van Gogh. Right? You get the idea.

NECA’s seven-inch figurines have been some of the most authoritative action figures to emerge as collectors’ must-haves, and so they continue fleshing out their line with four new additions for winter. First is the Bad Blood Predator from the Deluxe Series, a Yautja who has turned against his own kind. The Series 12 Elder Predator V2 is a distinguished Yautja warrior known for his leadership and battle prowess. The Bad-Blood captor and killer Enforcer Predator of Series 12 sports trademark silver armor. Finally, the Series 12 Viper Predator is the leader of the mercenary Serpent Clan and specializes in hunting Xenomorphs (and the occasional Bad Blood).

Considering that 20th Century Fox announced a remake of the original film earlier this year, Predator is more relevant than ever. Order them separately or snag a deal with our set of three Series 12 figures, pictured below. Your Predator collection can’t be complete without these guys!

The whole bloodthirsty-guerrilla-extraterrestrial thing is kind of endearing.

The whole bloodthirsty-guerrilla-extraterrestrial thing is kind of endearing.

Jungle Hunter Predator NES Figure

The Predator is the fourth figure in NECA’s highly successful line of classic 8-Bit video game tributes. Released in the spring of 1989 for the super popular 8-bit home console, this video game Predator is an ’80s classic.

NECA’s Jungle Hunter Predator (1989 Video Game Appearance) is a fully articulated 8-inch tall figure with extendable wrist blades, removable backpack, and over 20 points of articulation. The Predator is painted in shades of blue with black and a hint of cel shading.

This figure comes in special window box packaging with opening flap to re-create the look and feel of the classic 1989 video game packaging.

Jungle Hunter Predator NES Figure