It’s morphin time! Complete your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collection with Pink Ranger Kimberly

Kimberly gives new meaning to “La vie en rose”. Here’s the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger Kimberly, a five-inch creation from Bandai that will have you fiending for the much-loved ’90s TV series.

Outfitted in her trademark pink-and-white garb, she inspired a generation of girls to channel their own power to achieve their goals. Own part of the legacy now! Click on the image below to start.


Own your own Morpher inspired by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

It’s morphin time! Take a look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Morphers from Bandai. Re-live all the incredible action from the 1995 film with these true-to-aesthetic accessory replicas. You can choose from Kimberly’s Pink Morpher (pictured), Billy’s Blue Morpher and Jason’s Red Morpher.

Each Morpher features premium die-cast materials, two die-cast coins, lights and sounds. The make the perfect gift for the Power Rangers enthusiast in your circle, even if that’s you! Click on the image below to get started.


Accessorize with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Morpher from Bandai

Your wardrobe could use a little pick-me-up, right? Now you can accessorize just like your favorite ranger with this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Morpher! Take a look at this brand-new accoutrement by Bandai, based on the classic Saban series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

This die-cast Morpher lets you insert coins to activate LED and sound effects, the perfect complement to the intricately designed red-and-yellow face. Don’t worry, you won’t have to dip into your spare change jar to make it work — the Morpher comes with all five die-cast replicas of the original series’ coins. Click on the photo below and order yours right now!

Would go with any outfit.

Would go with any outfit.

It’s morphin’ time… obviously.

When is it ever not?! Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, eventually cast aside his evildoing ways and gilded himself with the shining light of goodwill as the White Ranger. But before that happened, he had to get his hands a little dirty. Tamashii Nations is capturing this by making Tommy O. the first ranger to be realized in their Figuarts ZERO series. As one of the most complex and enigmatic rangers, he definitely deserves it. He comes painted in vibrant, gorgeous green detail, from his action-suit pose to his cracked-earth base. True to form, he appears in this statue clutching his Dragon Dagger as a flute to call the Dragonzord. He’ll be ready for shipping out in January, so reserve yours now.

Fun fact: Tommy Oliver eventually receives a doctorate degree.

Who would have thought that Tommy Oliver would eventually receive a doctorate degree?

Crimson Thunder Ranger and Navy Thunder Ranger 2-pack Figure

Tamashii Nations proudly releases the Crimson Thunder Ranger and Navy Thunder Ranger 2-pack! Only available as a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive in Japan, this limited set will be made specially available in North America via Bluefin. This set features a full array of Ninja Storm arsenal accessories and interchangeable parts, including the Crimson Blaster, Navy Antler, Thunder Staffs (2 sets each), retracted Thunder Staffs, and interchangeable hand parts (4 sets for the Crimson Thunder Ranger and 5 right/4 left for the Navy Thunder Ranger). Each figure stands roughly 5 1/2″ tall.

Crimson Thunder Ranger and Navy Thunder Ranger 2-pack Figure

Pink Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Figure

An exclusive item only available in Asia via the Tamashii Web Shop, she has been made specially available as a standard release for North American Power Rangers fans via Bluefin, and will feature special Power Rangers 20th-anniversary packaging. The Pink Ranger has been reproduced in elegant proportion and features dynamic S.H.Figuarts articulation for recreating acrobatic action scenes. This figure also includes a full arsenal of accessories, including her signature Power Bow, Blade Blaster, and Thunder Slinger. Three sets of interchangable hands are also provided to allow for character specific poses. The figure stands 5 1/2″ tall.

Pink Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Black & Blue Overdrive Power Ranger 2-Pack Figure Set

Black & Blue Overdrive Ranger 2-Figure PackFrom Tamashii Nations! Formerly a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive in Japan, the Black & Blue Overdrive Ranger set will be made specially available to Power Ranger fans in North America via Bluefin. This deluxe, double set features Black and Blue Overdrive Rangers, each with four sets of interchangeable hand parts; and includes weapon accessories for both rangers’ primary weapons- Black Overdrive Ranger Drive Hammer and Blue Overdrive Ranger Drive Vortex. These figures stand nearly 6″ tall. Window box packaging.

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