Sonic the Hedgehog Collector’s Box Set

Sonic, Super Sonic, Amy and Tails make up this collections of Sonic Classics, perfect for any fan of the franchise looking to beef up their lineup. Check this out!

The figures stand about 3 inches tall and they all look great, perfect representations of the characters you know and love from the games, the comics or even the shows. Fans can also find a ton of other items, including plush toys, in our Sonic section.

Legend of Zelda News + Plush Toys!

The Legend of Zelda, along with Metroid and Star Fox, make up the three most memorable non-Mario franchises Nintendo has to offer. And soon, they’ll be adding a new game to follow Phantom Hourglass. Originally mentioned here in this post (which features a look at the trailer), Spirit Tracks is still chugging along towards its release this winter. Of course, it is with jealous agony that I can also report that the game was available to be played at E3 2009, which was probably a torturous kind of pleasure for fans who were able to try it out.

Having become even more enamoured of my DS thanks to GTA: Chinatown Wars, The World Ends With You and Hotel Dusk, I can’t wait for the sequel to what remains one of my favourite entries in the Zelda timeline.

Now, Spirit Tracks is being brought to us in the same cel-shaded style as Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass (in fact, it takes place 100 years post-PH) and features the adorable cartoonish Link that we’ve come to embrace. It should be known, however, that before he came along, the only way to get your Link in Chibi form was by picking up one of the Legend of Zelda Link Plush Toys.