Baby, I can see your Halo: New series of five-inch figures from McFarlane

Since 2001, the Halo series has titillated the gaming community, and with good reason! A total of 13 releases for a range of systems up until 2017 is quite the accomplishment for a first-person shooter conglomerate. So let’s celebrate the awesomeness (and the upcoming 2016 game) with the Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief, part of the first series of five-inch figures based on the Microsoft creation.

McFarlane has fashioned these new figures in realistic detail, just as they will appear on your screen next year. Apart from the Chief, you can choose from Spartan LockeSpartan Athlon, Spartan Tanaka, Spartan Fred and Spartan Kelly.

Baby, I can see your Halo.

Fifth time’s the charm.

The 5 funniest April Fools’ Day gaming gags for 2015

April Fools’ Day isn’t actually an official holiday (seriously, can we make it one? Imagine a day off to play pranks on your unsuspecting pals!), but if you’re reading from Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, Brazil or India, you’ll most likely be able to appreciate a first-of-April joke or two. And for gamers, there are a few especially great treats that the bigwigs have set up for us to enjoy. Golly!



According to EuroGamer, here are some of the April Fools’ themed “Easter eggs” you can peruse while on a coffee or study break today:

So happy April Fools’ Day, everybody. Please try not to be that annoying dude or dudette refilling the sugar container with salt, okay? Be creative! *winky face emoji*

Would swipe right/10. (Source:

Would swipe right/10. (Source:

Twisted Metal SWEET TOOTH Action Figure

Twisted Metal’s SWEET TOOTH becomes a terrifying-looking 6-inch figure from DC Direct. He comes with a vicious, blood-stained knife and an ice cream cone that is not exactly as it first appears.

The character was originally just another part of the Twisted Metal games, but his popularity saw him become the franchise’s stand-out character and the most iconic member of the cast. It’s no surprise that he’s the character who’s been given the most renderings as action figures or on a variety of other Twisted Metal merch.

NERO and DANTE: Devil May Cry Figures!

Play Arts creates some of the most beautiful action figures and statues based on some of the biggest and brightest Japanese creative properties and video games. You might know them from the Final Fantasy Action Figure Collection they did, bringing to life heroes and monsters, weapons and vehicles the likes of which only the FF franchise could imagine. Or perhaps you’ve seen Jeanne and the titular heroine, Bayonetta. Well, now, the heroes of DEVIL MAY CRY have arrived as part of their KAI SERIES…

Square Enix’s Play Arts ~Kai~ figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet.

Here’s a look!



They’re based on DEVIL MAY CRY 4, which you may or may not already have picked up a while back. If the answer is no, of course, we’ve got a link to the Amazon listing right here:

Devil May Cry 4

Pre-Orders: Little Big Planet Series 1

A great game for all ages to explore a world of their own design, LittleBigPlanet took the gaming world by storm and should continue to push forward with the awesome franchise in the future. Of course, as a result of its success, merchandising is inevitable and I’m pleased to say that the folks at Mezco are doing great things with the license. Here’s a look at Series 1 of the 4-inch toys:

The first series is three figures strong and you can buy them individually or as a set:
Sackboy (Closed Mouth)
Sackboy (Openm Mouth)
Set of All Three!

You can also pick up a copy of the Playstation 3 game over at Amazon if you’re uninitiated or pre-order the highly-anticipated sequel, scheduled for a November release. Here are the links!


LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition

LittleBigPlanet 2

New Killzone Figures! Pre-Orders from DC Direct

It is the year 2357 and, after years of fighting, the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) sends its fleet to Helghan, the home planet of its bitter enemy – the Helghast. In a daring bid to defeat them and remove their tyrannical leader, ISA troopers begin their assault on Helghan, a world as brutal and merciless as the Helghast themselves.

Well on their way to becoming the go-to guys for video game merchandising, DC Direct is releasing a pair of great-looking Killzone figures in January 2011, celebrating both Playstation 2’s original game and the PS3’s sequel, Killzone 2.

There are two figures in the series: the Helghast Assault Infantry and the Helghast Sniper, each standing about 6 inches tall and featuring some great sculpting and paint work that brings the grim aesthetic and glowing eyes to eerie life. They come with game-accurate weapons and make a great addition to the toy shelf of any gamer.

– Killzone series 1: Set of 2 figures
– Helghast Assault Infantry 6-inch figure
– Helghast Sniper 6-inch figure

If you’re a fan of the games, too, but haven’t snagged one or both of them for yourself, here are the links where you can pick up both:

Killzone 1 for Playstation 2

Killzone 2 for Playstation 3