Metal Gear Solid V’s deadly assassin Quiet sneaks in from Play Arts Kai

Given her powerfully menacing appearance, you’d think the moniker “Quiet” pretty ironic. But this fierce warrior and stealthy sniper is known for her ability to take out enemies with the ultimate secrecy. We are ecstatic to introduce the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Quiet from Square Enix.

New joint structures are what set these new figures apart from their predecessors — smoother articulation in the legs and knees makes Quiet more lifelike than ever. A flexible resin material utilized for neck, ankle and shoulder construction makes her appearance lifelike. She stands 10 inches tall and wears her signature costume.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Play Arts Kai catches Supergirl saving the multiverse from destruction

Few superheroines are as versatile as the incendiary Supergirl. Fresh from her flight from the devastation of Planet Krypton, she wields a deadly weapon (inspired by scenes in the original comics) to fend off the perilous advances of all her enemies.

Savage foes to lethal arch-nemeses are no match for this furious wall of power, and she comes with an interchangeable face piece with a warlike expression to warn trespassers to back off. She’s fashioned in amazing detail, from her golden locks in mid-flight to her battle gear. Play Arts Kai doesn’t disappoint with this 8-inch Kara Zor-El. DC lives on… and on.

(Psst! We’ve also got an 8-inch Superman from the same series. Check him out here.)

The last survivor of Argo City is as striking as she is resilient.

The last survivor of Argo City is as striking as she is resilient.

From Square Enix, Darkseid the cosmic villain prepares to dole out ruin

This intergalactic deity is another hot figurine from the Play Arts Kai series. The dark lord, enacting fascist rule from his throne in Apokolips, plots a takeover of the universe through the Anti-Life Equation. Using his Omega Beams to cancel out threats to his power, Darkseid is one of the ultimate harbingers of cataclysmic doom. Square Enix has crafted him as an 8-inch figure for us, with thrilling deep-green and cloudy sapphire coloring. Come February, preorder this statue and prepare to invade Themyscira.

The villainous essence of this nemesis of good stands in this stately and aggressive statue.

The villainous essence of this nemesis of good stands in this stately and aggressive statue.

This intense vision of Hawkman by Play Arts Kai will be available for preorder this winter

Master toycrafters Square Enix introduce a new installment in their Play Arts Kai Series with Hawkman, the 8-inch DC collectible. A vibrant color-way and a display stand are two notable features of this winged vindicator. Enemies don’t stand a chance in a free-for-all with this gravity-defying dynamo. Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1, which means that he’s been around since 1940. But this energizing re-imagination, showing Hawkman poised for flight using his Nth metal wings, is all modern — he’s the latest and the greatest potential new addition to your collection come February 2015!

This version alludes to anime aesthetic, but remains true to Hawkman's core.

This version alludes to anime aesthetic, but remains true to Hawkman’s core.

New from Play Arts Kai — Batman: Arkham Origins figure

Based on the 2013 Warner Brothers adventure/action video game Batman: Arkham Origins, this specialty realization of the bat hero is from the acclaimed Play Arts Kai line. As the Square Enix sector of the Play Arts line features improved articulation and slightly bigger sizes than conventional renderings of the character, this Arkham Origins figurine is the ultimate for the serious Batman collector.

A reflection of a more younger, precocious Batman, the Origins installment was key in the Arkham series, taking place several years before the events of the Arkham Asylum narrative. Re-create his crime-solving prowess in 8 inches for ready display.

(We also have Deathstroke from the same game — check him out here.)

Beat 'em up.

Beat ’em up.

RoboCop 1987 Kai Play Arts Figure

The one that started it all: The Original RoboCop. While staying true to the details of the original 1987 design, we have paid particular attention to a more modern appearance when recreating RoboCop in this action figure. We have implemented complex joints such as ball and swing joints in the shoulders to maximize the range of motion. RoboCop comes equipped with the Auto 9 to recreate his unique shooting pose, blue and purple accents in the paintwork reminiscent of the lighting in the film, and a bevy of accessories including the terminal strip and interchangeable parts to show his leg holster in its open and closed positions. Display stand included.

RoboCop 1987 Kai Play Arts Figure

Batman Red Play Arts Kai Figure

Limited to 2,500 in North America! Merging the iconic image of Batman and the art of a ninja that lives in the shadow, this Variant take on the Dark Knight is designed with the elements of the ancient Japanese armor and the traditional Japanese “noh” mask. The figure comes with iconic Batarangs, a ninja sword, a grapple gun, and a display stand. This is a limited color 11″ tall action figure with a glossy red finish reminiscent of Japanese lacquerware made with the sap of a poisonous plant.

Batman Red Play Arts Kai Figure

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Figure Play Arts Kai

From the upcoming CGI film Space Pirate Captain Harlock — based on the classic 1970s anime, Captain Harlock — Harlock, the swashbuckling romantic hero, along with his second in command, the beautiful and spirited Kei Yuki are on deck for the Play Arts -KAI- line! Harlock comes with an attachable Mr. Bird accessory for his shoulder. Each figure comes with interchangeable hands, weapons and display stand!

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Figure Play Arts

Joker Arkham City Play Arts Figure

Featuring over 26 points of articulation, these exquisite figures come to life with stunning poseability. Both come with interchangeable head & hands, as well as their signature weapon accessories! Batman stands 9 1/4″ tall, while The Joker stands 9 1/2″ tall. With unsurpassed quality of the paint application and detailed texture that only Square Enix Products can bring.

Joker Arkham City Play Arts Figure