The Marvel Comics Variant Iron Man is here from Play Arts Kai

He isn’t named after a tough, resilient metal for no reason, that’s for sure! Check out the Marvel Comics Variant Iron Man figure by Play Arts Kai. Since he’s coming from Square Enix, you know that he’ll arrive crafted in spectacular detail with meticulous finishing, articulation and accessory additions. Just look at the spread of goodies he comes with!

Window box packaging characteristic of Play Arts Kai releases makes him immediately ready for display. Rich, metallic color swatches of crimson and gold give him a royal feel. Iron Man is truly gorgeous here, an indispensable component of the Marvel character canon.

Outfit goals.

Outfit goals.

Metal Gear Solid V’s deadly assassin Quiet sneaks in from Play Arts Kai

Given her powerfully menacing appearance, you’d think the moniker “Quiet” pretty ironic. But this fierce warrior and stealthy sniper is known for her ability to take out enemies with the ultimate secrecy. We are ecstatic to introduce the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Quiet from Square Enix.

New joint structures are what set these new figures apart from their predecessors — smoother articulation in the legs and knees makes Quiet more lifelike than ever. A flexible resin material utilized for neck, ankle and shoulder construction makes her appearance lifelike. She stands 10 inches tall and wears her signature costume.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’s Cloud Strife makes an entrance courtesy of Play Arts Kai

Relish the on-screen experience afterglow of this generation’s most iconic video-game franchises! Now you can journey into the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film with this new development from Square Enix, the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife! Join the mercenary swordsman as he learns how to be a hero.

Featuring generous articulation and weapons accessories, the 11-inch figure is a must for any serious Final Fantasy fiend. This protagonist is a main fixture of game number “VII” and all of its spin-offs, and your collection won’t be complete without him. Order Cloud Strife on by clicking on the picture below.

Does he store all of his contacts on the iCloud Strife?

Does he store all of his contacts on the iCloud Strife?

Leap into the silver screen with the Play Arts Kai movie Predator

A totally novel type of space invader, the Predator was a dynamic synthesis of a primitive culture and supermortal intellectual capabilities. Here, Square Enix and Play Arts Kai laud the incredible power of the creature with this original movie Predator figure. Organic detail and a metallic-sheen paint job make this guy stand out. Rendered in eight-inch form, an interchangeable face piece and helmet are just two of the features that highlight this figure.

The ruthless hunter that hightailed it behind “Dutch” Schaefer and his crew through the jungle of South America gets a gorgeous look with this artistic re-imagination. Translucent parts and a “skull” acquired as a spoil of the hunt also complement the movie Predator.

Everyday I'm huntin'.

Everyday I’m huntin’.

Play Arts Kai Armored Batman in stunning detail and with a full range of accessories

Next in the “Superheroes Re-imagined” series by Square Enix and Play Arts Kai is the deluxe DC Comics-inspired Armored Batman. The mechanized suit of armor is known for its considerable strength and importance to Batman’s heroic antics, combining Batman’s agility with the durability of an iron fortress! What could be more indispensable?

The suit comes with a wide range of motion and a weathered gloss to its paint finish, adding to the meticulous detail that makes this figure stand out. Multiple accessories underscore the Armored Batman, including a gun-shaped multi-device that can serve various functions depending on how it is rearranged, as well as a detachable stun stick. A display stand and interchangeable hand parts add even more depth. Don’t miss out on this luxury figure!

Perpetually overdressed for the party.

Perpetually overdressed for the party.

Play Arts Kai Atlas from Titanfall is now ready to ship!

This instantly recognizable character from the acclaimed video-game release Titanfall has gotten the 10-inch treatment by Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line. Here, Atlas leaps off the screen and into three-dimensional form, staying true to the original design that focused on Atlas as a deadly weapon.

He’s not to be messed with here — the machine of destruction achieves a weathered look with a meticulous paint job. Other features include an articulated spherical camera and a cockpit hatch that can be opened and closed. The original Titan’s shoulder joint can be shifted outwards with double-jointed elbows so he can hold his weapon with both hands. Order him today and don’t miss out!

Wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

Wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

Halo 2, a decade later: Anniversary edition Master Chief

It doesn’t take much for us to get excited about the legendary first-person shooter game Halo 2. And how can we not? Bungie Studios’ 2004 release was the most popular game on Xbox Live for two years straight. It’s the best-selling first-gen Xbox game, and by June of 2006 more than 500 million games of Halo 2 had been played and more than 710 million hours had been spent playing it on Xbox Live.

Those are some pretty staggering stats. So really, what better way to pay homage to such a seminal Xbox-based work than with this deluxe anniversary edition Master Chief from Square Enix/Play Arts Kai? The UNSC Spartan stands nine inches tall, featuring tons of articulation points and striking detail. Appropriately enough, he armed with dual M7 SMGs and a Covenant Energy Sword.

No Halo collection can be complete without this Master Chief!

Master Chiefin'.

Master Chiefin’.