Channel the Rebirth of F with this DXF Series Piccolo statue

This is an exclusive offering that will entice avid readers of manga. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Dragon Ball Z releases that you can see and feel in bound format, you’ll be stoked on this guy. Here is the DXF Series Piccolo PVC statue, with an aesthetic based on manga put outĀ this year.

Banpresto brings us the infamous green demonĀ in six-inch form, making him fit right in with your other Dragon Ball Z and manga collectibles. Goku’s archrival stands menacingly with arms crossed, resplendent in a flowing, white cape and iconic royal purple pants. Place your order now on!

Style goals.

Style goals.


Piccolo statue rounds out the Figuarts Zero lineup

Dragonball Z’s Piccolo was one-third of the seminal Dragon Clan that originally created the Dragon Balls. First a sworn nemesis of Goku because of a duty to avenge his murdered father’s death, Piccolo finally and officially joins the Z Fighters after growing close to Goku’s son Gohan. A complex history ties up this warrior-strategist’s character, and we think he’s a great choice to represent in Tamashii Nations’s Figuarts Zero seven-inch PVC statue series!

The beloved Namekian comes with two interchangeable right hands to switch between battle poses with. A billowing cape in a cloud of ethereal smoke make this statue more lifelike. If you bleed purple blood, snatch Piccolo up!

He looks friendly enough.

He looks friendly enough.

Piccolo SHFigurarts Bandai Figure Figma

Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the reissue of the S.H.Figuarts Piccolo! Not only is this 6″ action figure incredibly poseable, it’s also accurately sculpted in sharp detail to its anime counterpart! Accessories include an interchangeable head, mantle, a fixed-pose crossed-arms part, and optional hands

Piccolo SHFigurarts Bandai Figure Figma