Travel to the 23rd century with the Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Replica

This isn’t laser tag, kid — things just got real. Decimate your intergalactic foes (figuratively, of course) with the Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Replica Universal Remote. The ’60s TV classic featuring the legendary crew of the USS Enterprise gets a reboot with The Wand Company’s genuine seven-inch replica of the iconic accessory. It’s so screen-accurate, you’ll feel like you’re channeling all the heroes who held it.

Re-create your favorite Star Trek scenes with this advanced technology. Wrap your hand around the handle, close your eyes and transport yourself to the 23rd century. It’s perfect for Trekkies of all ages! Click on the photo below to reserve yours.


The search for Spock continues into the 21st century with the Star Trek III phaser

George Orwell predicted that 1984 would be the year all the crazy dystopian stuff went down. And maybe he was right . . . I mean, is it really a coincidence that one of the most legendary sci-fi films of all time came out that same year? This is for the ultimate movie buff in your life (even if that buff is you)! We’ve got a Star Trek III movie phaser, exactly what you need to embark on the search for Spock.

Diamond Select Toys has developed this life-size weapon as a two-part affair comprised of a removable Type 1 “cricket” phaser and a Type 2 pistol grip. You’ll feel like you’re right in the thick of things with light-up and sound effects that are true to the 1984 film experience. “Try-Me” packaging sets off this awesome advancement in role-play technology. Don’t miss out!

Weapon goals.

Weapon goals.


From Diamond Select, here’s an awesome addition to your Klingon cosplay: a Klingon Disruptor! This is from the company that brought you screen-accurate phasers, tricorder and communicators, so you know it’s going to be rad.

A legendary weapon from the Klingon Empire, its electronic lights and sounds will be the perfect complement to your costume– or just make a great conversation piece for your display case!

STAR TREK: The Original Phaser

This could be YOU!

Maybe you don’t have the snazzy uniform (or maybe you do), but you can now get that sweet phaser for your very own! Diamond has now created a life-size replica of the phaser that you can use to tackle any manner of alien menace that should come your way. Also good if your crew gets out of line.

This item is a brilliant collectible for any Trekkie or Trekker and also works very well as a perfectly-rendered prop for any ST cosplayer.