Bring home the Gotham TV experience with three new Diamond Select figures

Transport the dark, urban landscape of Gotham City to your front door with these three new offerings from Diamond Select Toys and the DC Universe! The TV spectacle Gotham has garnered accolades from viewers across the world, and now it’s time to bring its characters to life. These three figures feature 16 points of articulation and come in a window box with spine art for easy reference and display.

Each seven-inch figure comes with character-specific accessories and a deluxe diorama base depicting aspects of the crime-ridden streets of Batman’s hometown. The Penguin comes with a pier, Jim Gordon comes with an alleyway and Selina Kyle (pictured below) comes with a fire escape — put Jim and Selina’s bases together to create an even bigger scene!

At least with that name she can take up a career as a pop star if all else fails.

At least with that name she can take up a career as a pop star if all else fails.

Poison Ivy and the Penguin round out the Batman: The Animated Series lineup

Few supervillains are as deadly as Poison Ivy. Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, one of Batman’s arch-adversaries for almost 50 years now. But her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series at the beginning of the ’90s was nothing less than iconic — and holds a lot of nostalgia value for Millennial DC fans.

We’re way excited to announce two additions to this lineup of figures based on the TV show, one of them being the lethal lady with the red tresses. Series 2’s Poison Ivy, standing six inches tall, sports a shredded-aesthetic black costume with accessories. And we’ve got the Penguin, too! Four inches tall from Series 5, he’s proportional to your other Animated Series figures. Click the photo below and get your order in now!

That girl is poison.

That girl is poison.

Batman Unlimited Wave 1

BATMAN, BATGIRL and THE PENGUIN make up the first wave of BATMAN UNLIMITED figures! Take a look:

You can get your favourite figures individually or grab all three as a set. They’re also joined in the collection (though not the wave) by Dark Knight Batman and Planet X Batman. Grab ’em while you can, because we’re pretty sure these won’t last!

Arkham City Series 3

The THIRD series of Arkham City toys brings six new figures with it. Take a look:

Batman, the Penguin, Ra’s Al Ghul and Azrael are joined by two Clown Thugs (knife-wielding and bat-wielding) in this latest wave, which you can purchase as a complete set or as individual figures– if you prefer to pick-and-choose. Each one is about 6 inches tall and all of them look incredible, featuring the highly-detailed look that made the game’s designs so memorable.