DERPY – SDCC Exclusive My Little Pony

Okay, so Derpy isn’t her official name, but it’s probably what you’ve been calling her if you’re a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And now she’s finally been given the honour of an official figure by the folks at Hasbro, who released her as an exclusive at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. Take a look:

You can grab her now, but be quick about it! She was the first items to sell out at Hasbro’s SDCC booth, so she won’t last long here!


Get your hands on some Princess Power with SWIFTWIND!

That’s right. You can get the most awesome, 80s-est flying horse in the universe right here, direct from Unicorn Island. She-Ra’s telepathic mount has arrived on the scene and if you’re a fan of the franchise, then you pretty much have to get your hands on this.

The toy is scaled to accommodate your She-Ra figure (or any other similarly-sized figure) and features articulated legs and wings. It’s a great addition to your toy shelf and has been a hotly-anticipated figure among fans of the rebooted, reborn Masters of the Universe collection.

Beyblade Spins onto the Cartoon Network

Beyblade Metal Fusion is officially the new big thing, back after a few years off to retool and revamp their toy line, their show and the franchise as a whole. Now it’s poised to take the world by storm in a flurry of spinning tops and whirring spikes. The Dark Bull Red, Storm Pegasus Blue, Dark Gasher Red and tons of other tops are currently available and in-stock, but you can also pre-order upcoming items like Flame Libra Green, Rock Orso or the Super Vortex Battle Set/Battle-pack, arriving in the coming months. Check ’em out!

Naturally, the game can be played without any of the back-story: some of the tops are heavier and more defense-oriented while others are whirling dervishes armed with plastic points to knock out the competition with speed. It’s a game of both skill and luck for anyone with some spare time and spare tops. But unlike some such playground pastimes, Beyblade Metal Fusion has a plot, characters and a television show sure to be as big a success as the toy collection once its popularity picks up.

Here’s the info from Toon

Cartoon Network has licensed the US broadcast rights to Beyblade: Metal Fusion, the latest iteration in the Beyblade animated franchise, series-producer Nelvana announced today. The deal also gives the network the Australian and New Zealand broadcast rights to the series.

The announcement is part of a clutch of other licensing deals that will put the series on the air in France (via Gulli), Germany (Nickelodeon), the UK (Nicktoons), Benelux (Disney XD), Spain, and (Telecinco and Factoria de Ficcion). It already airs on YTV in Canada.

Nelvana also says it has appointed Hasbro as master toy licensee of for most non-Asian markets, and has signed Hudson Entertainment to develop a video game based on the title for the Nintendo DS and Wii. The game is tentatively set for release during the 2010 holiday season.

But if you can’t wait, here’s a look at the first episode of Beyblade Metal Fusion: