Bioshock Infinite : MOTORIZED PATRIOT

One of Bioshock Infinite’s “Heavy Hitters”, the Motorized Patriot (a Washington automaton rigged with massive weaponry) is a terrifying enemy who appears every now and again to completely shut you down just when you think you’ve defeated your last wave.

The figure is about 9 inches tall and features absolutely amazing detail, plus 2 interchangeable heads, a Pepper-mill gatling gun and a pair of Columbia flags. It also features over 20 points of articulation! It’s a must-have for those who loved the game. Order now and the finalized figure ships out in August!

Marvel Universe 2011 – Wave 6

Iron Fist (redeco), Psylocke, Storm, Patriot, Thunder Age Thor and Shadowland Daredevil make up the sixth wave of Marvel Universe’s 2011 line of 3.75-inch figures. As per usual, you can get these guys individually or as a complete set if you’re a collector. This series has an especially awesome look, as a kind of metallic sheen makes the outfits stand out all the more.

These guys are currently available for pre-order, but you don’t need to worry about the wait– they’re coming out later this month!